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  • My life

    11/21/2019 8:15:57 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Cardio workout today ... Read more

  • My life

    11/19/2019 7:16:13 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Today I thank God for his blessings and my wife for her support. ... Read more

  • My life

    11/17/2019 7:46:21 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    My day today was not my best Keeping on track with food Planning not so much ... Read more

  • More than Ever

    11/16/2019 11:08:39 PM, by ANNISSAMARIE

    The weight game is rough. You have highs and lows on the scale and in your commitment to lose the weight. All I can truly say is keep going. Now that menopause has set in, my struggle is little tougher, but so am I. Though my body is hurting more than ever, I want to lose the weight more than e... Read more

  • My life

    11/13/2019 6:35:27 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    My cardio workout today ... Read more

  • Laugh a little

    11/13/2019 10:46:29 AM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    Life is hard...laugh a little and always keep faith!!!... Read more

  • My life

    11/12/2019 7:15:11 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    My cardio workout today ... Read more

  • My life

    11/11/2019 7:40:38 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Round two workouts today ... Read more

  • My life

    11/10/2019 8:42:36 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Today is my slow Sunday A little yoga a run and some stretching ... Read more

  • My life

    11/8/2019 8:24:17 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    My cardio workout today ... Read more

  • After Rejection

    11/8/2019 1:53:44 PM, by JULIETMAMA

    I am writing this from a place of deep heartache. Maybe, in part, it will bring a hint of peace to my troubled thoughts. Somehow it is easier to share with strangers what I can not share with those closest to me. I will have been married 16 years next week. We have 3 beautiful children. I am n... Read more

  • My life

    11/4/2019 5:12:08 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Round two cardio workouts today ... Read more

  • My life

    11/3/2019 5:26:09 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Halloween fun ... Read more

  • My life

    10/31/2019 5:35:31 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Happy Halloween my cardio workout today ... Read more

  • Life is very chaotic

    10/30/2019 9:15:42 PM, by DIANAPOST1

    Pray for me please, my dad is in the hospital with a collapsed lung, 950 miles from where I live. I have training in the morning where I have to eat all day and taste food. My younger sister is going into a manic depressed state and I am supposed to fix everything according to my mom. Since I don't... Read more

  • My life

    10/29/2019 6:37:38 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Cardio workout today ... Read more

  • Paying more attention

    10/29/2019 3:50:57 PM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    Ok so here goes...I've had trouble with my weight since middle school. So it's never been any front page news that I've suffered alot of ridicule and heart ache. Ive been told many many years ago that I have a fatty liver. I didnt pay much attention to it and continued eating anything and everything... Read more

  • Today was a long day

    10/28/2019 9:07:29 PM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    I hope everyone had an awesome day, and an even better one tomorrow.... Read more

  • Meals Planned for the week.

    10/28/2019 7:55:37 PM, by DIANAPOST1

    Yesterday I sat down and figured out exactly what I am going to eat this week. I went to the store today and bought my groceries that I would need and I didn't do to bad budget wise. I have slowly been replacing unhealthy foods with better ones. I am getting some wisecracks from him, but I will keep... Read more

  • My life

    10/28/2019 5:51:00 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    My cardio workout today ... Read more

  • Pretending

    10/27/2019 10:49:17 PM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    One can only wish... Read more

  • Dont give up

    10/27/2019 9:41:24 PM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    Setbacks and slip ups are one thing, but the true failure is when we give up. Keep going and dont give up.... Read more

  • My life

    10/27/2019 6:56:27 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Rest your bones grandpa ... Read more

  • Dreading daylight savings time

    10/24/2019 8:10:52 PM, by DIANAPOST1

    I am sure that I am not alone when I don't like seeing the clock turn back an hour, less daylight and all that jazz. I already fight depression and it seems as I get older the worse it gets for me. I get up and go to work in the dark and I come home most days in the dark. I never see the sun and sin... Read more

  • Unwanted fat

    10/24/2019 1:32:09 AM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    Somehow I dont think this will ever happen, but one can still wish...... Read more

  • Here's my excuse

    10/23/2019 6:53:05 PM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    I finally realize why I haven't been exercising like I need to...... Read more

  • Back on track

    10/23/2019 6:26:06 PM, by DIANAPOST1

    I had a little set back this last week. My arthritis got so bad and allergies that all I did was come home, rest, drink juice and 7-up and sleep. I finally came out of whatever "It" was that had a hold on me. During this process, we tried changing my arthritis medications, got my flu shot and my all... Read more

  • My life

    10/23/2019 4:23:22 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Round one cardio workout today ... Read more

  • Faith

    10/23/2019 1:35:50 PM, by BLESSED_GIRL73

    Just keep the faith, and believe in yourself!!!... Read more