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  • Sympathic Saturday

    11/28/2020 4:30:42 PM, by NANCY-

    A friend of Middle Son is on a ventilator. Yes COVID. I haven't told him, as he would not understand. My heart aches for the friend's mother, as she cannot be by her son's side. The friend is in his late twenties and lives in a group home. This reminds me to wear a mask, wash my hands and keep my... Read more

  • Post Thanksgiving

    11/27/2020 3:04:11 PM, by NANCY-

    Since there was only four of us, we broke with our usual traditional dinner. I proposed that we try some new things and had more of a southern style dinner. There was no pumpkin pie., no apple pie. Yikes! I looked up the calories on the pie we did have, It was called a Scarlett Pie filled wi... Read more

  • What a Wednesday!

    11/25/2020 4:21:14 PM, by NANCY-

    Yesterday's blog was about the size of our stomach and focused on food, but drink should also be included. 8 ounces is still part of that quart that our stomach can stretch to. ❤️ Grateful - For so many options. Humor Fun Masks “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your ... Read more

  • Tuesday's Thoughts

    11/24/2020 11:55:49 AM, by NANCY-

    Sensible Holidays Since being here at SparkPeople, I have not gained weight during the holidays. 244 Being mindful about the quantity eaten and questioning is it really worth eating. Yes, I am a picky holiday eater and there are temptations to over do. I have found about three teaspoons is ... Read more

  • A Quick Update

    11/24/2020 11:39:47 AM, by WIZARDHOWL

    Just thought I'd post a quick update about my depression before I start work this morning. I emailed my doctor yesterday afternoon and he got back to me in the afternoon. Rather than putting me on an anti-depressant, which may make me manic, he decided to up my Seroquel, which is the main med I... Read more

  • Only 24 hours in a day....

    11/23/2020 3:28:19 PM, by NANCY-

    About a week ago a lovely blog of mine just disappeared. 198 Well I had things to do and had to move forward. So many appointments for hubby. All is well and the cement is perfecting in it's place in his vertebrae. Scans are scheduled for right after Thanksgiving and the MRI right after Christm... Read more

  • The Struggle is Real

    11/22/2020 9:17:31 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    Things are going only so-so for me. I am feeling myself slipping into a low-level depression the last couple of days. This is not unheard of for me. I am Bipolar and was slightly manic earlier this month with the time change so I may just be cycling. The problem is that I cannot take anti-depressant... Read more

  • Diabetes Awareness Month Days 13 and 14 World Diabetes Day

    11/14/2020 11:17:53 AM, by NANCY-

    Oops ...did I forget to hit post on my last blog. Apparently I did. Day 13 Signs of Diabetes Some of the most common signs are: - Increased thirst - Frequent urination - Extreme hunger - Unexplained weight loss - Fatigue - Irritability - Blurred vision - Slow-healing sores ... Read more

  • Diabetes Awareness Month Day 12

    11/12/2020 10:55:26 AM, by NANCY-

    Insulin Cost Many people with diabetes are struggling to afford the lifesaving drug. I do not know much about insulin, as I only take pills, but I do know that there are different kinds of insulin, long acting, short acting. Slight variations may work better for your body. But the cost , havin... Read more

  • Diabetes Awareness Month Day 11

    11/11/2020 1:42:06 PM, by NANCY-

    Diabetes Misconceptions Here are some myths from the article: 14 Myths About Diabetes
    etes-myths/ 1. If You Have Diabetes, It'll Be Obvious by Your Symptoms 2. You Need to Cut Out Carbs Completely 4. Sugar-free Foods Won't Raise Blood Sugar, So You Ca... Read more

  • Diabetes Awareness Month Day 10

    11/10/2020 7:47:06 PM, by NANCY-

    Diabetes Worries What are my biggest worries about having diabetes? COMPLICATIONS
    tes/complications - Neuropathy - Have some effects in my feet. Stabbing sensation is attention getting. I still have some feeling in my feet, but losing feeling is a big ... Read more

  • Diabetes Awareness Month Day 9

    11/9/2020 12:35:12 PM, by NANCY-

    All about DKA. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)is a condition that can lead to coma and death. It more commonly occurs in type 1 diabetes, though it can also occur in type 2 diabetes.
    ooks/NBK560723/ "Fluid resuscitation and maintenance, insulin therapy, e... Read more

  • Diabetes Awareness Month Day 8

    11/8/2020 1:00:34 PM, by NANCY-

    Who inspires me? Anyone who doesn't let diabetes stop them from living their life. I know that sounds strange, but it is true. It would be easy to give in and say woes me. But we can live a very full and fruitful life. Having diabetes doesn't have to stop us. I felt the earth move this mo... Read more

  • Diabetes Awareness Month

    11/7/2020 3:11:08 PM, by NANCY-

    I'll play catch up today. 1. Diagnosis Story When in for a check up, blood work came back. Doc said you have Type 2 diabetes. Yes it runs in my family. My Grandmother who was a farmer got it in her 60's. My mom got it in her late 40's. Me... I got it in 2006 when at age 51. I have had di... Read more

  • Friday Finish

    11/6/2020 12:50:07 PM, by NANCY-

    Getting ready for Medicare. Found out I would be better off waiting until January for some appointments as just for December I would have the full annual 2020 deductible to meet. Okay So a delay of 31 days is no big deal, just be attentive and take care of myself. Also I set it up so I could just ro... Read more

  • Thinking Thursday

    11/5/2020 2:25:41 PM, by NANCY-

    Went to Costco today. Sample's are back! But you have to consume them when you are out of the building. Alrighty then. I did not go to Costco for the samples. I needed things along with the rotisserie chicken. It is amazing how quickly the bill adds up. Election week carries on. I didn't think... Read more

  • Election Day

    11/3/2020 5:21:53 PM, by NANCY-

    You would think that there was a huge snowstorm coming by the crowds at the supermarket today. Perhaps folks are nervous about the election results.. So what do I elect today... Kindness. Here is a 14 minute episode that may help. NPR but out this article "When The Headlines Won't St... Read more

  • Sedate Sunday

    11/1/2020 12:11:57 PM, by NANCY-

    Calm is what I am feel today. Checking off To Do's is helping. The peace is easing the stress. I'm still concerned about Hubby, but those will be brought up with his oncologist on Tuesday. So Today I enjoy the peace. Today is menu day. Check: The weather Appointments on the calendar. Spe... Read more

  • Halloween, Full Moon

    10/31/2020 4:34:37 PM, by NANCY-

    The game is over. 🌕 Nighttime temperatures have dropped too low. The heat needs to be turned on so the pipes do not freeze. I may be a nervous Nellie about it because the house that was being sold last winter, the pipes burst. Everything had to come out of the house. Wood floors, cabinets, walls an... Read more

  • Frankenstein Friday

    10/30/2020 9:20:20 PM, by NANCY-

    Got Hubby this Witchy Pumpkin to lift his spirit. No Halloween fun for middle son, but I will put on a silly spooky movie for him tomorrow. My spirits are lifted as I am taking better care of myself. Hoping I can build a new routine. Still working on my gifts to myself. Meditation, brea... Read more