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  • End of Spring 2018 Challenge

    6/1/2018 9:10:56 PM, by PATTIA1311

    How did that happen? I can't believe how fast those past eight weeks flew by! Granted, I know the Summer 2018 Challenge will be right around the corner. I feel like I didn't participate very much except posting my weigh-ins weekly and posting my daily exercise and challenges. Spring time for teacher... Read more

  • Wednesday, Hump day!! :)

    5/30/2018 8:49:09 PM, by PATTIA1311

    Only a four day week and we are half way there! The next two days should be a breeze. The majority of our students are going on an over night camping trip and I am staying back with the students that are not going. It should be around 20 students, but we are thinking none of them are going to show u... Read more

  • Tuesday, May 29

    5/29/2018 8:56:05 PM, by PATTIA1311

    Well, not to bad of a day. Still having issues with certain students, but only 11 days total (not counting Thursday and Friday because it is the over night 5th grade field trip). Was able to come home and while cooking dinner, we got in the pool. We even ate dinner in the pool! LOL Then we stayed in... Read more

  • End of another wonderful day....

    5/28/2018 8:28:10 PM, by PATTIA1311

    But back to reality tomorrow! Bummed I have to go back to work, but very happy with the last several days relaxing in the pool! Water is such a wonderful therapy. I can tell how much I have missed it over the cold, winter months! ... Read more

  • Monday, May 28

    5/28/2018 3:34:07 PM, by PATTIA1311

    Was able to get to the gym this morning and finish my weight workout. I was also able to complete my one mile to keep my running streak alive. I've been running at least a mile every day for over 900 days in a row! Working toward adding my comma to that number! Happy I was able to get in my work out... Read more

  • 5% Challenge, is if for you?

    5/27/2018 7:43:01 PM, by PATTIA1311

    Check out the Summer 5% Challenge and see if it is for you. It is a wonderful community of folks in the same situation as you: wanting to live a longer and healthy life. But sometimes life gets in the way and we "fall" off the healthy wagon. Sometimes we have not idea where to start. Sometimes we ne... Read more

  • Pool is officially open!

    5/27/2018 7:13:28 PM, by PATTIA1311

    So we opened our pool a few weeks ago. My husband ordered a fantastic heater and has it all hooked up. We swam for a bit last weekend, just him and I. But this weekend is the official pool opening because we spent several hours yesterday in there. And had the older daughter and grand babies over tod... Read more