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  • Get it Done Day

    7/20/2019 1:24:22 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We have 6 little darlings with us this summer. Despite the numbers, the house is staying tidy enough. We are having a garden party tomorrow, so it will be a busy day getting the food prepped. This afternoon the kids are going to an all-day birthday party and sleepover and we will pop in for the cake... Read more

  • My Hon Passed Her Blood Test!

    7/17/2019 3:29:40 PM, by KALISWALKER

    The other day hubby and I looked at my blood test results online and he said 'My Hon Passed Her Blood Test!' We are pleased my readings are in the normal ranges, and I am no longer borderline diabetic. Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my weight loss doctor. He said I was doing well, and ... Read more

  • Can I be happy with less?

    7/14/2019 1:49:12 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I have been measuring my food and tracking calories all year. Lately, I started having 1/4 cup servings vs 1/2 cups servings of higher-calorie foods like Bush beans, oatmeal, bran muffin, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and cottage cheese, rather than just giving them up. I have sufficient protein and calc... Read more

  • Why Fear Dieting?

    7/13/2019 4:48:50 PM, by KALISWALKER

    My weight is heading in the right direction, 198.6 today. I had a slight increase with my new medication resulting in water retention, but I am in onederland again. Today I posted a good weigh-in for the 5% Challenge. Now to work on my Tuesday TOPS weigh-in. I am thinking about years of being ... Read more

  • Accountablility

    7/11/2019 11:45:14 AM, by KALISWALKER

    My weight loss accountability - TOPS group, Medical Weight Management Program, 5% Challenge, my husband, my friends, me. Tuesday - Woo Hoo I was down 7 pounds since my last weigh-in 3 weeks ago (was on vacation). The TOPS members were thrilled to see someone in our group have a happy dance wei... Read more

  • TOPS Cheerleaders!

    7/9/2019 3:50:25 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Woo Hoo I am down 7 pounds since my last weigh-in 3 weeks ago (was on vacation). The TOPS members were thrilled to see someone in our group have a happy dance weigh in. I think that is the fastest weight loss I have ever had. Two days of eating lightly offset the party food on Saturday night. ... Read more

  • Bringing Sexy Back & Other Shows & My Excuse Schedule

    7/8/2019 2:17:01 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Last night I was tired and went to bed at 9 PM, and only slept 6.5 hours (love the Fitbit sleep report), but I stayed in bed listening to an audiobook. I got Netflix on my laptop yesterday and will start watching some boring shows related to fitne... Read more

  • I Love Day One! & Lo-Cal Desserts Ideas

    7/6/2019 3:24:34 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Before the 5% Challenge starts I think of how I will succeed in losing 5% of my starting weight and my motivation is running high. In the Spring 5% Challenge I lost 2.8 pounds, not a big loss but certainly headed in the right direction. In between challenges I set a goal Small June Goal... One... Read more

  • "No excuses I can do it!"

    7/4/2019 1:12:11 PM, by KALISWALKER

    "No excuses I can do it!" Our Summer 5% Challenge Theme. Carefully select 3 important daily goals you will can do to consistently exercise and eat sensibly - regardless of where you are, whatever you are doing and whoever you are with. These are things you can do on your own any where. Tell you... Read more


    7/4/2019 6:35:50 AM, by SMIDGON

    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY Be Careful and Have Fun BLESSINGS... Read more

  • Throw Out the Ice Cream

    7/3/2019 7:21:22 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Ice cream - the best time to throw it out is when the guests leave, not 3 days later LOL. But it's in the garbage no more cherry ice cream 1/2 cup = 270 calories to beckon to me. My Daily Focus 1) My best weight is the weight that will give me a normal BMI 2) Diet = Way of Life = Susta... Read more

  • Wolves & Future Reward

    7/1/2019 3:40:04 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I am on Fidalgo Island, north of Seattle. The sun is shining, and I am looking out onto Skagit Bay, on the Pacific Ocean. The tide is in and the sun is sparkling on the water; nearby islands seem so close. Jets from the nearby airbase can be heard now and then. I am doing my Spanish lessons th... Read more

  • HOT, HOT, HOT,,,

    7/1/2019 12:28:57 PM, by SMIDGON

    I don't know how hot it is your way! Here this is the 4th day of temps in 90s. With heat index even higher. Very humid. I found out that I have a fluctuating BP. I am to keep a check on it. But, the minute I feel like it is going up, DONT TAKE IT. When have calmed down then retake. I... Read more

  • 198.8 Pounds - Onederland!

    6/26/2019 3:23:38 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I AM IN ONEDERLAND! What a great way to start the day! My goal was to hit onederland before the 2019 Summer 5% Challenge. I am dancing with joy! I took a picture of the scale and will post it later in the week. As I drove home this morning (to get my fitbit charger) I thought staying in onedera... Read more

  • Good Decisions Grocery Shopping

    6/25/2019 3:53:53 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We are settled at the RV park. I was asleep by 8:30 PM and woke up refreshed. This morning I saw some friends, got their little shopping lists for when I am in town. Now I am at the library Sparking, and did my Duolingo. I forgot my Fitbit Ionic charger and can't find someone who has one. After... Read more

  • Coming Home 2 Pounds Lighter!

    6/24/2019 3:21:24 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I am betting on me to make good decisions for food and exercise and come home in onederland. Yes still fluctuating in the 200-ville, weigh this AM 201.6 pounds. We are ready to leave for an 11 night RV vacation at La Conner WA. It's a very natural setting with singing around campfire, pickleball, e... Read more

  • Food & Kitchen

    6/22/2019 6:38:02 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Food - I am decreasing the types of food I have in the kitchen. As some things get used up I am not replacing them. I want less variety so I stay focused on a simple menu. Breakfast this morning - toasted Winco whole wheat English muffin, one poached egg, 1/2 Tbsp jam = 231 calories Poac... Read more

  • Accept the Apology You Never Got & La Conner Weight Loss Plan

    6/22/2019 2:20:36 AM, by KALISWALKER

    A few years ago a close friend had an outrageous tantrum at me in reaction to a discussion I was having with someone else. I was shocked by the outburst, no one has every talked to me that way. But I didn't react to it, like I would not react to a small child's tantrum. The friendship continued but ... Read more