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  • Homemade Face Mask

    4/2/2020 11:22:47 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    A Face Book friend of mine posted a website that shows how to make a face mask by folding a cloth table napkin. I tried it and it works. (I used rubber bands.) The only time I will wear a face mask is when I go to the grocery store. (Because that is the only place I go to.) And given th... Read more

  • Mixing it up a bit

    3/31/2020 11:12:26 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    I am one of the fortunate ones - quarantining in a home with resources and comforts, and in a wooded area with lots of outdoor space as well. However, my energy level is still not up to par after the long hours and weeks spent at my mother's hospital bed just a short while ago. But, as ... Read more

  • Advice from the Classy 70's team

    3/30/2020 6:29:53 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Message from Krys, leader of rhe team. "Hope everyone is doing okay in these crazy days. Some articles to keep you motivated and moving! #1 Managing Stress In Stressful Times of Covid-19 With information changing by the minute, it may feel difficult to keep calm while coping with stres... Read more

  • Getting lost in a book

    3/30/2020 12:48:18 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    It was a grey, rainy Sunday, so I decided to be elsewhere -- engaged in an interesting book. My favorites are mysteries, and today's book was an historical fiction mystery: The Beekeeper's Apprentice. The premise is not one I would have preferred - a smart teenage girl, Mary Russell, who dev... Read more

  • Zoom

    3/28/2020 9:34:05 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    I am about to try a new communication application: Zoom. It is a platform that allows members of a meeting to sign in, have their faces appear on the screen, and participate in online meetings. Some folks have described their personal use of Zoom for having a virtual dinner party with frie... Read more

  • Coronavirus answer

    3/27/2020 6:07:20 PM, by OLDEROWL

    A good answer to the coronavirus is an online connection to a religious site (or a charitable institution if you are not religious). I see religion not as a refuge of the weak, but the foundation of strength by which the individual and the public is able to master the environment without becoming c... Read more

  • Togetherness & Gratitude

    3/27/2020 11:34:55 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    During this time of physical isolation, my dh and I are spending all our days together - just the two of us. We talk on the phone or Face Time with our family and friends; he attends his meetings that are now online; and I interact with the photo club members online. We are cooking and eating me... Read more

  • Tiny things to make you feel better in these stressful times

    3/26/2020 9:00:08 PM, by JANEGSN (tiny 30 second habits you can create to change your life) is having a series of free webinars on how to take care of yourself during these stressful times. There is a hang out for those over 60 to share things (tomorrow is find a silver lining in the corona virus experience) at 5... Read more

  • Help for those struggling with Night Time Snacking

    3/25/2020 12:26:01 PM, by JANEGSN

    As part of the free webinars Tiny Habits certified coaches are doing to help deal with Corona Virus, there is one on Untangling Night Time Snacking - untangling is the behavior term to figuring out what is creating the behavior and then being able to come up with specific actions to reduce/stop... Read more

  • Virtual Tours

    3/24/2020 4:10:12 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    During 2008-2009, my dh was assigned to work in London, in the UK, and so we spent the year living in that wonderful city. Some of my favorite museums are in London, and I have discovered that now there are virtual tours available online for some of them. (Many of them are currently closed bec... Read more

  • 2nd Blog.......Ever!!

    3/24/2020 11:50:07 AM, by PBVHCCVH

    This a letter that I sent to all the Teams on which I am the Leader or the Co-Leader. Several people asked if I would post this where anyone could read it, so here it is. Even if you're not on the Teams, I still care about you! MESSAGE TO ALL TEAM MEMBERS During this time of turmoil i... Read more

  • Sunday Ramblings

    3/22/2020 4:45:56 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Today, Sunday, reminded me of what Sundays were like many years ago during my childhood. Except, that is, for the church service that I followed online this morning. What a good idea live streaming is for those who cannot attend church. I think it should stay around forever as an alternat... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    3/21/2020 5:31:13 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Today I am grateful for... -- the deep breaths that I am able to take. -- the sun that started to shine through the clouds this afternoon. -- the birds that are calling to each other among the trees. -- the signs of springtime budding all around. -- the House & Garden television c... Read more

  • Being Happy - and Grateful

    3/20/2020 3:05:55 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    One of the last things Mom said to me was, "LIve" and "BE HAPPY " I am taking that as a directive - a command. Fortunately, there is a lot in my life to be happy about. So, even though I have said good-bye to my mother, and I am feeling sad... I am focusing each day on t... Read more

  • Embrace The Weight Loss Journey

    3/14/2020 2:30:00 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Embrace The Weight Loss Journey 9:15 PM 3/10/2020 Life is a journey! Always remember that your life only gets better when you do. So, plan to be better today than you were yesterday. Continue to work on yourself and the rest of your successes and accomplishments will follow. Don't be afraid to grow ... Read more

  • Join book club - Tiny habits to reach your weight loss aspirations

    3/10/2020 4:43:20 PM, by JANEGSN

    Ok, I am behind on the posts I wanted to do about Tiny Habits - the new book out by BJ Fogg (already a best seller). The book material is soo rich and life has been busy.... BJ has a new and simple to do (but takes a little learning) way to create habits, keep them going, and then turn them i... Read more

  • Turn it around (bad to good)

    3/9/2020 9:19:14 PM, by OLDEROWL

    From Dan Amen, author of several brain health books "My life was a mess - now it is a message I have been tested - now I have a testimony I was a victim - now I am victorious I went through trials - now I am triumphant" I plan to take care of my brain and be triumphant also... Read more

  • 3 Essential Rules and CBT

    3/7/2020 11:14:02 PM, by OLDEROWL

    "There are 3 essential Rules of work, getting out of clutter to find simplicity, finding harmony from discord, and always remembering that opportunities lie in the middle of difficulties." Albert Einstein CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. It basically comprises 1) practicing mindf... Read more

  • Friday -- And the Week Ends.... ahhh....

    3/7/2020 12:08:57 AM, by LJENKIN-B

    Friday night --- it has been a stressful day and week. Glad it is all over with. All seems well - will need to wait for the next week or two for the final biopsy results --- 3 polyps removed today. Thinking positive, yet again. I just took the dog out for his last run of the evening ---... Read more

  • Thursday nights....

    3/6/2020 12:50:14 AM, by LJENKIN-B

    So many Thursday nights hubby and I go out to eat ... many times to one of our favorite local restaurants, The Barnacle. The Barnacle sits right on the water, and is a tremendous place to be during storms, if you can get to it !!! The waves have crashed up and into, and broken the windows so many... Read more

  • A Passing

    3/5/2020 11:57:46 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Mom passed tonight. I was with her all day when she was in the hospital. I was there when they took her by ambulance back to the nursing home. She struggled with her breathing, and it only got worse as the day went on. I reminded the nursing home staff that she needed the morphine so sh... Read more

  • And the week goes on....

    3/4/2020 10:58:26 PM, by LJENKIN-B

    Got to work at 7:45am this morning to drive the "bus" for the Council on Aging in my town --- YIKES --- found out I was not out of work until 3:30 --- good thing I brought lunch.... Given that my life is compromised this week, due to upcoming Fri colonoscopy, I had prepared more than I could possi... Read more