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  • Monday mania

    5/21/2018 11:48:22 AM, by LADYIRISH317

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  • Losing it a bit at a time

    5/20/2018 7:37:39 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Roomie is still here. Yesterday she told a visitor that she's "comfortably settled" here! Not bad for a place she's been calling a death trap. The other day I tried to open MY bedside curtain and she snapped my head off because she wanted it closed (no, she wasn't getting dressed). She makes the rul... Read more

  • Planks

    5/19/2018 2:27:13 PM, by LISA_WAS_HERE

    Im starting a routine to increase the time i can do plank pose. I am starting today at 30 seconds. Yes its not a lot for some. For me though its plenty. I will increase by 2seconds a day. So in less than two months i will do two minutes insha Allah. I saw this trick on youtube. Maybe it will never w... Read more

  • Relying on God as the time for my mom to see the oncologist nears again

    5/18/2018 10:44:05 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    RIght now with the stress of mom's situation getting to me. I am relying on God totally and know that I can't do this on my own. As step 3 states I must surrender all to God. I must also be willing to cast my cares on my Lord. To cast means to throw them at His feet. I don't intend to do this ligh... Read more


    5/18/2018 6:22:01 AM, by SMIDGON

    In times past, I have posted pics of my serene place! My backyard. I haven't been out back. Just very once in awhile. With no fur-baby to play with out there. What's the point? However, yesterday I decided I really should sweep the patio. When I got out there, I realized just how c... Read more

  • week 28 of therapy

    5/17/2018 5:42:16 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    This week I told Christine about how far I was in the book Battlefield of the Mind. I also told her that I was under 400 lbs for the first time in 11 years since 2007 to be exact. I also spoke of how I was 121 days abstinent now as of yesterday. I told her a lot about my mom's treatment and how it i... Read more

  • Mismated Socks and Dollar General

    5/17/2018 10:20:16 AM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    Oh the joys of washing cothes and finding out some of your socks have no mates. Kiknd of sad in a way like a person with no dance partner. I usually end up putting the ones that are made the same together even if the colors do not match. Who knows perhaps one day I will find the mates like one day I... Read more

  • Catching Up On My Life

    5/17/2018 8:26:47 AM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    Well, my weight is still fluctuating yet. Last week I was down to 159.2 but this week I gained a pound. I think sodium and a day of high calories on Tuesday might be the culprit. As you all know it is not easy eating healthy on a low budget. I buy some of the food at Dollar Tree and the rest at Aldi... Read more


    5/17/2018 6:26:55 AM, by SMIDGON

    Recently our youngest GD (14yrs this Saturday ) Attended the 8th grade formal. Isnot she beautiful ? BLESSINGS, JANET... Read more


    5/16/2018 3:28:47 PM, by SMIDGON

    Hubby's Ablation is scheduled after the first of the month. 70% chance of Survival. Every thing has been quiet around here. He is withdrawn he has been up and down all day. I have been doing my own thing. I went to the grocery and ordered the cupcakes for Sunday,. Then I went to the d... Read more

  • Your The One

    5/14/2018 11:30:14 PM, by OLDEROWL

    My birthday this month just happen to fall on mother's day and my wife wanted to make it very special, so we told family we would be out of town and rented a hotel room in the city and planned a very special evening. Since I told her I did not want any cake she used her ingenuity to devise a cream ... Read more

  • When it all comes together: yoga class

    5/14/2018 3:58:39 PM, by QWESTING

    Lovely class today. I am so grateful that I have a really excellent teacher that I stumbled across in my village class! What I really appreciated today, because I was aware of it, was the bringing together of many lessons and teachings in one class. It felt very connected as a result. - We... Read more

  • Everything is so confusing

    5/14/2018 3:08:16 PM, by SMIDGON

    Hubby is tiring out. I am wearing out. It seems like there is no end to it! I don't know what GOD has in store for us. He is ever faithful. You can't grow for GOD without getting out of your COMFORT ZONE. I am looking forward to the here after. But, not with the getting there! But we ... Read more

  • A bit of silliness

    5/14/2018 12:41:12 PM, by LADYIRISH317

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  • Some good, some bad

    5/13/2018 2:55:27 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I am seriously ticked. A few days ago we had "soft tacos" for dinner. I asked for two of them because they're quite small, and two churros for dessert as well. The kitchen sent me three tacos and four churros. Yesterday morning I asked for two slices of toast with breakfast and they sent four. Inste... Read more


    5/13/2018 5:42:12 AM, by SMIDGON



    5/12/2018 5:04:12 PM, by SMIDGON

    We went to the kidney specialist. It is verified his kidneys are at STAGE 4 . Stage 5 is dialysis. And, that will pull on his heart even more. What heart he has left! The kidney specialist put him on an low purine diet. Anyone hear of that? I have never until mow! It's a very strict di... Read more

  • Be Proactive and Lose weight, Gain Years

    5/12/2018 2:32:30 PM, by OLDEROWL

    All of us have the power to achieve our goals. We have the innate skills of self awareness, imagination, conscience, and an independent will, theses are skills which set humans apart from animals. These skills will, if used proactively to make better choices, help us to obtain a healthy weight. pro... Read more


    5/10/2018 9:28:05 AM, by SMIDGON

    I'LL make this short. Does anyone know if there is a Caregiver Team? If not, I wish someone would. I feel like I am on the verge of sinking! We have gone from two independent people living their own lives to vertically 24/7 relationship. It's hard to give up independence. It... Read more

  • a poem about mom's situation

    5/9/2018 7:17:10 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Torn apart in two directions Don’t they know what they are doing to me? Can’t they see the pain they are causing me? When they push for aggressive treatment They destroy me and make me feel worthless Mom says I am not but how I am supposed to feel When they only consider her and ... Read more

  • week 27 of therapy

    5/9/2018 1:09:10 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    this week we discussed many things including the fact I am willing to marry the man I am with right now for the first time. That means changes are on the way for me and it also means I am ready to commit to him as well. I believe that the book Battlefield of the Mind has a lot to do with that as wel... Read more


    5/8/2018 5:15:24 PM, by SMIDGON

    THE 'BABY' turned 51 on May 3rd! Doesn't seem possible. Got the results back from my CT from last friday. The blood work and the actual test came back normal. PTL! He wants more blood work and an Echo Gram done. When it comes back normal That will do it! It will either be my weight or m... Read more

  • Plodding Along: Working on Goals

    5/8/2018 3:14:48 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Since getting my new Fitbit Flex 2, I have been easily getting over 10,000 steps every day. It's been so long since I have done this. It feels good to be a little more active again; I'm not quite as sore as I've been before the steps. I've been REALLY paying attention to the articles I've r... Read more

  • Monday malaise

    5/7/2018 1:27:33 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Ex lost his cell phone two weeks ago. Last week his land line was cut off for five days. Ms. Constant Caretaker here is fighting hard not to head to the Consumer Cellular website and just buy him a new cell. I'm still fighting this cold (or whatever it is). They've just started me on breathing ... Read more

  • Smart Goals

    5/4/2018 10:49:13 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    We are supposed to post our smart goals in our team or a blog. Here mine are below: 1. Drink 8-12 glasses of water daily 2. Do ST 5-6 days a week for at least 30 minutes 3. Cut back on my sweets and candies 4. Try and reduce sodium intake Now it is time to exercise even if it is late. T... Read more

  • Nothing Major, My Cancer and a Poem

    5/3/2018 9:10:48 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    Well, she found out it was nothing serious like she thought. Only a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes her hands to shake. she was given exercises to do. I saw the specialist today and he asked me what I wanted to do again. I chose to wait and see and have another CT scan in 4 months.... Read more

  • Making uncomfortable decisions

    5/3/2018 7:12:02 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Decisions to change are hard to achieve if they require you to move outside your comfort zone. What it boils down to is that you need to get out of your comfort zone if you haven't already. Making the most of the advice you gotten requires believing in yourself and taking responsibility. Make proac... Read more

  • Neurology report on my tremor

    5/3/2018 12:01:09 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Here is what my Nurse Practitioner in Neurology said to me. I don't have Parkinson's or anything like it. However what I do have is something called Benign Essential Tremor. What this means for me is that when I have one. I have to learn to work through it and learn to deal with it for the rest of m... Read more


    5/2/2018 9:04:01 PM, by SMIDGON

    Life is anything but a mystery every day. Yesterday he was unable to get to the grocery because he 'wore' out. So, today we went together. Up and down almost every aisle twice. Then when it was time to leave he wanted me to drive home. Then he got mixed up on some restaurants. And... Read more

  • Yuck...

    5/2/2018 1:18:32 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I feel yucky this morning. Headache, gritty eyes and cough. So I went to Facebook to post some sillies because I thought it would help. Facebook is having "issues" and won't load past the banner. I've been badly depressed the last week or so. I can barely even muster energy to knit, and I'm jus... Read more

  • week 26 of therapy and other news

    5/1/2018 10:09:14 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Well the inside outside box was put on hold for a while since she was so busy but I don't hold it against her. I still need to work on getting my emotions in check sometimes. In session we discussed more about my past and what happened at my past workplace. I know that for me the past has a lot to d... Read more

  • Update

    4/30/2018 9:21:19 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    Well diabetes was ruled out so now she has to go see her neurologist. She is worried she might have Parkinson's now. A few years ago when she was having some problems they tested her for MS and she did not have it. I am still struggling with pain from my fall and I think it probably affected m... Read more

  • I can't

    4/30/2018 2:57:02 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Roomie came strolling back in last night as though nothing ever happened. This morning she berated the housekeeper for using cleaning fluids around her. Nothing has changed. This morning I posted an article on some political pages I belong to, among people who believe as I do. Bunches of them h... Read more

  • Hmmm...

    4/29/2018 11:40:40 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Roomie went out yesterday morning and hasn't been back yet. The entire nursing staff is talking about it. I have to suspect there may be consequences. As in "if you're well enough to be out all night..." Maybe I'm bad, but I'm loving every minute of her absence, including being able to close the doo... Read more

  • Saturday silliness

    4/28/2018 12:04:21 PM, by LADYIRISH317

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  • Did It Anyway

    4/27/2018 3:38:17 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    After the dog ate my relatively new Fitbit, I wondered whether or not I should get another one. Am I too obsessed with steps? No. I need something to keep track of them. So...a new Flex 2 with a wrist and a foot band is now synced in my computer. Knowing the numbers will show up keeps me motiv... Read more

  • Last test came in this morning

    4/27/2018 10:54:39 AM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    A1C came in this morning and I am not diabetic. Now I have to wait and see what my neurologist nurse practitioner says about my tremors in the hands. Since nothing was found in blood work with diabetes. Here we go again more possible blood work and tests. I am not looking forward to it but it must b... Read more

  • Under Construction

    4/27/2018 9:02:53 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Jae (J_HENNINGTON) inspired me to add the words "Under Construction" to the title of many of my threads, including the thread "My Faith", because many of my threads just stated my beliefs and rarely invited a response by other team members. Too much preaching, instead of sharing of ideas from one t... Read more

  • Now the waiting begins...

    4/26/2018 9:05:05 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Well today I seen my pcp Dr. Julie Magnin and told her about my symptoms and she is very concerned about them. She ordered a whole battery of tests on me. Most of the test results are in excluding the A1C which takes 2 days to get in. I also was supposed to do another test which was for her but coul... Read more

  • Ready to cave

    4/26/2018 6:28:18 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I sat up for four minutes today. It's harder than you think. I have to wiggle myself down to the foot of the bed so I can grab the footboard (the mattress is lumpy and uneven, so it's hard to sit up on it). Then I have to wiggle myself back up to the top when I'm done. Not helping is the fact that I... Read more

  • It's been a long day

    4/25/2018 7:36:03 PM, by SMIDGON

    Made an early trip to the hospital for hubby's pacemaker / defibrillator replacement. Baring any thing else this should carry him for 6-8 yrs.. With him almost 82yrs that should be a good life. He left the hospital with three appts. Made. Then maybe I will get all my tests made that I have ... Read more

  • week 25 of therapy

    4/24/2018 8:56:53 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    This week we discussed my concerns about my possible diabetic diagnosis since my hands are shaking uncontrollably. Along with the other symptoms that I am having that have me concerned as well. I know I put myself in this situation by not eating right for so long and I can easily correct by doing wh... Read more

  • Stuff and (a little) nonsense

    4/22/2018 11:58:42 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Craftsy, please go away with your 60% off sale! I have absolutely no room for any more yarn, and I think I've reached SABLE status (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). Apple is also trying to sell me a bright red phone. No dice, guys. I just bought my iPhone 7+ in February. This morning ... Read more

  • Are we acting like Humans or reacting like Mice?

    4/21/2018 4:13:12 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, notes that the human brain is distinct in four ways from that of animals. Humans have 4 mental powers that animals do not have: 1) the power of self-awareness -- to look as an observer of yourself in a particular situation, and of your feeli... Read more


    4/21/2018 3:41:22 PM, by SMIDGON

    Emma is becoming a Diva like Lexie was! BLESSINGS JANET... Read more