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  • September 16 2019

    9/16/2019 7:02:41 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Felling pretty good today. I don’t know if I got the job but if I did I’m going to decline 😞. I know it’s the smart thing to do financially. We just are not on a point in our lives we’re we can afford that kind of a pay cut. It’s about $5 less in pay. I need to do the smart thing for my family. I ... Read more

  • Weight loss blues

    9/16/2019 2:42:25 PM, by MOONBEAR7

    This may sound like an odd or whiny entry, but... it's something I've been thinking for awhile. I've been overweight for my entire remembered life. I saw some pictures of myself as a toddler and I wasn't then, but I vividly remember being in kindergarten and having a belly. I had this little re... Read more

  • Getting ready to see

    9/15/2019 9:24:24 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    No popcorn for me. Ate lunch before hand ... Read more

  • Getting ready to see

    9/15/2019 2:48:43 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    No popcorn for me. Ate lunch before hand ... Read more

  • September 15 2019

    9/15/2019 7:56:46 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Ready for a new week. Last week was great workout wise but I ate out for one meal everyday starting on Wednesday. Believe me it showed on the scale this week. My goal for this week is no eating out. Make all my meals at home and save some money in the process!!!... Read more

  • Happy Saturday

    9/14/2019 1:18:02 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    Enjoy your weekend ... Read more

  • Something my hubby created

    9/13/2019 8:06:38 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    ... Read more

  • September 13 2019

    9/13/2019 12:45:48 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Not a bad day at work today. Finally first time all week we are fully staffed. To top it off it’s Friday and I have the weekend off!!!!! Interview went very well yesterday. I think I have a very good chance at getting the job but I was the first interview he had he has a couple more to do. I’m gu... Read more

  • September 12 2019

    9/12/2019 9:25:58 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Good day interview I thought went very well. They have to do a couple more interviews but I think I’m in the top. Now the waiting game... Read more

  • September 11 2019

    9/11/2019 6:59:13 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a good day. First off had a dr appointment for my daughter. Bad news she has a very bad sprain in her ankle and needs to be on crutches for a couple weeks but the good news is no Fracture. We just made it a girl day went to pizza ranch didn’t eat to bad could have been better but 🤷‍♀️ next bou... Read more

  • Never forget

    9/11/2019 3:40:23 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    18 years ... Read more

  • September 10 2019

    9/10/2019 12:41:57 PM, by CBULLIS1

    So far pretty good day at work just getting a little antsy. Waiting to hear from the job that I applied for. It’s been a week today since I handed in the application ... Read more

  • September 9 2019

    9/9/2019 4:29:24 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Monday another week. Got my house closed 15 min of yoga walking on treadmill now. Died my hair painted my nails. Nice day off of work. I am discovering that yoga is not for me. I know it’s good to stretch I just get so bored with it 🤷‍♀️ ... Read more

  • Make a change

    9/9/2019 4:18:25 AM, by DIZEIMAGE

    We need to move forward. With strong people who support us. We need to move ahead with or without individuals who see, respect & understand the goals we set for ourselves. ... Read more

  • Cholesterol 1.8

    9/7/2019 9:41:44 PM, by LYONSRT

    I now understand why I have to plan my meals before eating because I’m still going over on my cholesterol intake. This week I’m going to stay under 200mg. I can achieve it by eating more leafy greens and fiber. I’m going to try the military diet vegan/vegetable style. ... Read more

  • 9 Runs Down, Reaching Goals

    9/7/2019 7:32:18 AM, by GINGERSUNSHINE

    Hello Spark Friends! I haven't posted lately but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I've just been using the Spark People app on my phone and hadn't logged onto my desktop to make a blog post. Hopefully they will make that process easier on mobile sometime. I'm getting ready to go for my... Read more

  • September 6 2019

    9/6/2019 12:42:46 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a pretty good day at work today. Oh it’s my day off I did come to pick up some extra hours got a few of those pesky bills that need to be paid. See I get done with work today I’ll get my workout in maybe spend a little time outside with the boy nothing real big plans just enjoying life... Read more

  • September 5 2019

    9/5/2019 7:05:21 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Ready for a new day. All though I’m feeling pretty anointed I’ve been to work for 5 min and people are bitching 😒. Oh life in a nursing home. I’m hoping today I hear from the school if I get that job crossing fingers. Wish me luck!!!... Read more

  • September 4 2019

    9/4/2019 10:44:58 AM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a crazy morning here at work. At my morning brake hopefully it’s gets better when I go back. Have to work tell 6 pm today. Going to go for my walk at my lunch brake. I will try to get in a workout after work but if I don’t at least I will have my walk in... Read more

  • September 3 2019

    9/3/2019 8:13:16 AM, by CBULLIS1

    So I read a article on SparkPeople this morning (50 ways to get into fall). Something like that anyway it really got me into the fall season. Today I was going to run to town then clean the house a bit. I think I might pick up some fall candles and make my house feel fall ready while I’m at it. ... Read more

  • Stressful

    9/2/2019 7:27:51 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    Though I have been away visiting my son I am stressed about Dorian 😰 My prayers are with you all. ... Read more

  • September 2 2019

    9/2/2019 5:55:52 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a fairly good day. Got some cleaning done mostly dishes. Bought a new/used couch for $100 not a bad deal. Last thing I need to do get my workout done ... Read more

  • September 1 2019

    9/1/2019 10:08:32 AM, by CBULLIS1

    I’m back, I took a little brake and trued that site Noom. Just wanted to check out the similarity. It’s pretty much the same concept. Logging calories. I learned new things but I love my SparkPeople I misssd it here 😊... Read more

  • Day 31

    8/26/2019 11:25:31 PM, by NINJAGIRL2009

    So I have committed to doing the Spark People again. First time 5 plus years ago I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off all this time. So round 2 to lose another 25. I am down 10 pound in 31 days. I know the next 10 will not be that easy but I have to stick to it and never give in!!!!... Read more

  • Exhausted

    8/22/2019 8:53:34 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    Most of my proposals and grants written so far. Paperwork tomorrow and laundry... Read more

  • This summer has been a blast!

    8/21/2019 9:27:49 AM, by HOLISTICJESSICA

    Watching my sons grow up is a wonderful thing. My 13 year old is slowly maturing and becoming a teen. My baby, soon to be 8 months is growing up really fast. He has gone swimming, learned to crawl, started to attempt feeding himself, begun to climb on everything, and has really let more of ... Read more

  • Change eating habits

    8/19/2019 8:52:12 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    Today was another good day for my meals. I just got a P more conscious of my water intake. I’ve been really dehydrated these last few days.... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/18/2019 9:09:41 PM, by DIZEIMAGE

    Hoping that everything went well today. ... Read more