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  • Day 3 and 4 and 5 went well too, really pleased with this

    9/20/2019 3:46:11 PM, by DSJB9999

    More to follow, I have been interrupted by my MiL Thanks for your comments friends, but I have left it too late again today and am too tired to write much more apart from, I have had a lovely meal with my Dad tonight, he was 76 today and I made him Salmon fishcakes with a roast, it was... Read more

  • Day 1 and 2 successful, onto Day 3 Still Determined

    9/19/2019 2:10:14 AM, by DSJB9999

    I am pleased with how days 1 and 2 went, definitely more in control of my eating and behaviour. The scales say similar but I feel better in myself! 104 My DH is off Fri, Sat, Sun so my Will power and planning will have to be charged up! 521 I am so lucky with my current job that I ca... Read more

  • Day 1 again - 17th September

    9/17/2019 3:56:14 AM, by DSJB9999

    I have had a few good days but some not so good! Think it has been 1 good then 1 less good and think I may be putting too much pressure on me and need to really think over what's going on! Ribs still aching at night and sometimes during the day but Paracetomol helps. Time is moving on so hopefu... Read more

  • 11th August 2019 Back to it after the summer!

    9/11/2019 6:04:58 AM, by DSJB9999

    I have had a wonderful summer, perhaps a little indulgent/synful and my dh is back at work today so won't be encouraging me to 'treat myself' or going as much Self Sabotage too! My holiday in Skegness was wonderful for the 4 of us, the youngsters chose to spend some of their holiday money on ... Read more

  • Starting over one small step at a time

    9/3/2019 10:33:06 PM, by GETTINFIT23

    Boy am I tired! And moody, and depressed, and anxious, and stressed, and, and, and... Need To Change My Ways! This is downright miserable. Sleepy all the time, body aches, don't want to do anything, eat poorly, don't exercise... For someone 36 yrs old, I'm worse off than my 78 year old mom! I'm bac... Read more