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  • Doing Good

    11/23/2020 12:39:45 AM, by PEGGY-BEE

    I am loving my stationary bike. In 6 days (plus 1 of rest) I've got 77 miles on the odometer. It's great, It's basic, quiet and easy to move at 32 lbs. It has a LCD display with pertinent information, but it does not light up. And it has a comfortable seat. You change the tension with the turn of a... Read more

  • People just make me mad

    11/16/2020 6:51:27 PM, by PEGGY-BEE

    Be careful, don't need to tell you about masks. My older siblings had polio so I appreciate the power of a vaccine, until then, do whatever you can! The new daily average for new cases in our county is 41, a 56% increase in 2 weeks yet the officials "we see a downward trend." Just where are they loo... Read more

  • We had to get out

    11/13/2020 12:57:46 AM, by PEGGY-BEE

    Yesterday we were feeling cooped up and the weather was too pretty so we wound up going south to Malibu but we didn't stop there, we went on to Orange County to see Tacy and drive along the coast close to her place. I had last been to the beach towns along there in the late '70s and I didn't recogni... Read more

  • I Was Bad

    11/6/2020 1:08:06 AM, by PEGGY-BEE

    Last night I made a gingerbread in an 8"x 8" pan. We each had a piece. Then for breakfast I had a large piece and for lunch and for a snack and on my dinner plate with 3 bites of chicken curry & 2 Tbsp of brown rice. I am done now and I am not looking forward to weigh in. At least I made it with no-... Read more

  • November 1

    11/2/2020 12:05:54 AM, by PEGGY-BEE

    Today is my little brother's 63rd birthday. My half birthday, we were always included in one another's birthday as mom felt we some how shared the day? I didn't like it. We don't speak. Quick story to explain Bobby; As mom was dying and my niece and I were doing at-home hospice, Bobby came in one da... Read more