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  • Day 5 - More clarity and feeling stronger

    5/22/2018 12:25:41 PM, by LVMYBODY45

    My body is still trying to get rid of the gluten that I accidentally ate over the weekend but I woke up this morning with a little more clarity which is always nice. It seems directly linked with motivation. I also found myself feeling a little stronger going up and down the stairs in our home. I... Read more

  • Good news for mom and me

    5/22/2018 11:17:33 AM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Well yesterday was the day that mom went to see the oncologist and abdominal transplant surgeon in Green Bay for the second time in a while since switching Dr. Hamdan in Marinette. First let me start off by saying that the tumor is again stable meaning there is no change in it. The doctor pushed for... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    5/22/2018 10:44:17 AM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great weekend, with not much planned. my daughter and i just took it easy and did not do much. i have some errands to run today. there is supposed to be rain on and off here today. that is okay with me and my daughter. the weather is going to be really warm the rest of the week here. i will ... Read more

  • Always choose Kindness!

    5/22/2018 4:54:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    People in this world around us are hurting. They need kindness and healing. Never be afraid to show a little kindness. It can make a person's day worth living! "How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!" ... Read more

  • Pre-Graduation Challenge: Day 1 of 28

    5/22/2018 1:56:22 AM, by JENNIFERQUINLAN

    Observations from Day 1: Exercise Woke this morning and followed a prescribed quick workout which took me far longer to do than I think was intended as I was super confused (maybe because I just woke up and hadn't even had a full cup of coffee before trying to function haha). T... Read more

  • Fifteen Weekend Fasting Cycle and Home Project Part 2

    5/21/2018 6:34:53 PM, by SKATER787

    So for this weekend I finished off staining another 100 feet of the fences. It wasn't as much work as I learned what to do from last week. This week I started checking my Ketone earlier and more often. I started working on the fences around 7:30 AM Sat and didn't finish until 10:30 AM, 4 hours later... Read more

  • misfortune

    5/21/2018 4:17:08 PM, by WHITE-2

    Today my laptop went down, I hope we can fix it. I also sprained my wrist today so can hardly type, anyway. Fell down when we walked the dog. ... Read more

  • Day 4 - First time using SP workout videos

    5/21/2018 2:57:08 PM, by LVMYBODY45

    Today I was going to get my oil changed and then head to the gym before I pick up kids for carpool. Car is going to take longer than expected so I took the shuttle home. Realizing I'm not going to have time to go to the gym and not quite feeling that great (had some gluten accidentally over the we... Read more

  • I Guess I'm A Runner Now...

    5/21/2018 9:18:57 AM, by CALLIKIA

    I know it seems silly, and, yes, I know I've been a "runner" this whole time...but when Saturday was a 5 mile run and Sunday was a 3 mile "recovery run" that I did when I did because I was upset and decided to run out my stress and anger and sadness... This was the first week when I really felt like... Read more

  • What Would You Have Done?

    5/21/2018 5:09:43 AM, by JSTETSER

    The day I told my son to lie Telling the truth is important to me, but once (and only once) did I ever ask one of my children to lie. I love my sons and want the best for them. There was one day when telling a lie was the best recourse. Please tell me what you would have done. At the ri... Read more

  • 28 Day Pre-Graduation Challenge

    5/21/2018 2:32:40 AM, by JENNIFERQUINLAN

    In four weeks, I'll finally be graduating with my paralegal certificate--I've been hard at my studies this past month in order to maintain my 4.0 average but I can only give myself a C- in exercise and a B+ in nutrition for that same stretch of time. As there are four weeks left in my progr... Read more

  • Now

    5/20/2018 10:07:04 PM, by DYVYNYTY

    I have been working out regularly for almost 3 months now. I can see my body changing and I feel myself getting stronger after each rest day. I actually love going to the gym, and my desire to perform has motivated me to change my eating habits. Who knew a couch potato could transform into a gym rat... Read more

  • Stoddard Sunrise

    5/20/2018 5:07:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every morning for a few moments, I stop. I take the time to gaze at the sunrise over Stoddard Pond. There are never two sunrises exactly the same. I take 2-3 minutes to set my intention for the day, take a few deep breaths, then drive on. School always seems to go better after a sho... Read more

  • Day 82 of elimination diet

    5/20/2018 2:57:21 AM, by WHITE-2

    Yes, I am still plodding along with the elimination diet. I have tested dairy two weeks ago. I did not notice a lot of physical changes but I did happen to get into a rage, twice in that week and that makes me think that dairy does have a (strong?) impact on my mood. So now I need to figure out whet... Read more

  • All Work & No Play~

    5/19/2018 8:39:52 PM, by PRYTANIAS

    Since Spring has started, I've been playing. Veering off my rigid tracks that I set for myself. Stretching out to see how far I can go. I need this time, but I need my structure too. I'm light weight OCD and find that when I veer too far from my markers, I can skid into Chaos. I watch things ab... Read more

  • Oh No!

    5/19/2018 2:13:27 PM, by DREAMERSPIRITT

    Oh drat… I seem to have regained some pudge! I really need to fit into a dress before a friend’s wedding in late June, so I need to buckle down. Here’s the game plan… Diet: Calorie count! I HATE doing this, but it needs to happen! Minimal grains. Focus on produce and legumes. No caloric d... Read more

  • I Choose Joy!

    5/19/2018 5:05:23 AM, by JSTETSER

    I can be happy or sad on any given day. I can be kind or mean. It is all up to me. How do I want today to go? I can change my willingness to learn and to listen. I can choose to stand up for myself when others try to push me around. I can choose to make today a great day. Joy isn't some... Read more

  • Relying on God as the time for my mom to see the oncologist nears again

    5/18/2018 10:44:05 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    RIght now with the stress of mom's situation getting to me. I am relying on God totally and know that I can't do this on my own. As step 3 states I must surrender all to God. I must also be willing to cast my cares on my Lord. To cast means to throw them at His feet. I don't intend to do this ligh... Read more

  • it's friday

    5/18/2018 3:01:55 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am finally finished the bone scan test i had to do at the hospital. that was done this morning. i took my time after it was done to relax and to have a tasty,healthy lunch. i will know within a week what the results are of this test. i get to see my regular doctor next friday afternoon. the past f... Read more

  • I blog because I’m happy

    5/18/2018 5:16:44 AM, by JSTETSER

    About 17 years ago, I divorced my now ex-husband. Some family members understood that this was a move that I had to take for my own sanity, while others were harsh in their criticism. I was told; “It is unbiblical to divorce”. There are many things about my first marriage and my relationship w... Read more

  • I passed my exam!!!

    5/17/2018 10:35:33 PM, by TERRI289

    Today I took my AFAA group exercise certification exam and passed!!! I watched the videos, read the book, and studied and worried!! My Max kept me company on the couch and I did it!! I was so worried that I didn't have the brain power of my younger days but with lots of determination I did i... Read more

  • week 28 of therapy

    5/17/2018 5:42:16 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    This week I told Christine about how far I was in the book Battlefield of the Mind. I also told her that I was under 400 lbs for the first time in 11 years since 2007 to be exact. I also spoke of how I was 121 days abstinent now as of yesterday. I told her a lot about my mom's treatment and how it i... Read more

  • anecdotal evidence

    5/17/2018 4:19:08 PM, by JANETRW50

    I have been doing rather well with eating only 3 meals per day, adequately spaced apart. I am not 100% compliant everyday. For example I just cheated with a cup of decaf mid-afternoon and I put half and half in it. This is a violation but.....minor I think. I did have a glass of wine at my book c... Read more

  • Willingness and Walking

    5/17/2018 9:44:12 AM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    As it gets hotter here and the drought continues, it is getting ridiculously hot outside by noon. For May, it's pretty insane (already over 100 most days). I had gotten very happily accustomed to a half hour walk every day at lunch, but walking in this heat has been less appealing! I do work on... Read more

  • Sick is what happens when you're busy making plans...

    5/17/2018 9:35:52 AM, by CALLIKIA

    Well, now...that did NOT go as planned. I honestly came on here Monday and wrote this whole "I CAN DO IT!" post with all my goals...and then proceeded to get sick. *lol* I spent the next two days feeling feverish and nauseated and basically out of it. Sometimes when I'm not feeling well, I stru... Read more

  • Growing My Garden

    5/17/2018 4:55:38 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every year we follow the same ritual. Buy seeds, start a few plants inside. Turn the soil, add the year-old manure and the mulch. Buy some seedlings, work the soil, plant, plant, plant. Water often, weed every day and enjoy the fresh veggies. Nothing tastes as good as veggies straight out of... Read more

  • Day 3 - Overcoming obstacles

    5/16/2018 11:15:11 PM, by LVMYBODY45

    Today I was going to go on a walk with a group of ladies from church and an arm workout at home. Obstacles came right and left. First I woke up later than I had wanted to, so I wasn't able to finish some tasks before my workout time - but I was still determined to do the workout. My cardio was goi... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    5/16/2018 1:30:11 PM, by MOMMY445

    i went for a brief checkup at the doctor's this morning. my blood pressure and breathing are both good. i also asked the doctor about another matter i noticed last week and right away the doctor acted on it. i am to follow up with the doctor by this saturday. with my main doctor, i am to make an app... Read more

  • Our Crazy Family Flower Affair

    5/16/2018 5:01:53 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yes, I started it. I should have known that I'd reap what I sowed. Our family believes that sending flowers is love's truest language. Every holiday deserves some beautiful flowers on the table. Maybe we can't buy happiness, but somehow flowers come very close! I tell my family that “If I ha... Read more

  • Day 2 - A month later

    5/16/2018 2:49:22 AM, by LVMYBODY45

    Wow! When it rain it pours!! I was just hit with week after week of unexpected trips (and each trip to the lower 48 from Alaska is super long) and illnesses in extended family which includes hospice and hubby leaving country for training! I have been able to keep up on trying to get more veggies ... Read more

  • Fourteenth Weekend Fasting Cycle and Home Project

    5/15/2018 2:02:05 PM, by SKATER787

    This weekend I had a home project of putting stain on the fences using a sprayer. I worked on Sat and stained about 100 ft of fences in 4 hours plus a few trips to Home Depot. By Sat night, I got curious if the physical work would put me in ketosis sooner than last week. I checked at 10 PM and found... Read more

  • Learning to listen to my body

    5/15/2018 5:02:38 AM, by JSTETSER

    There are times when I just don't listen. I get aches and pains and injuries from playing too hard. I gain weight from eating too much. As I listen to my body talk, these problems will get smaller. ... Read more

  • Tunic Top situation + confident thong bikini geeekkk

    5/14/2018 10:49:03 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    So i vanished like a ghost on here lol i has having emotional melt downs splurging involved majorly and issues within my own life and relationship including my marriage. But it all changed last week when some lady came into my office to make her payment and i was posting it and she asked if i was a ... Read more

  • 20 days back...

    5/14/2018 6:47:37 PM, by ADLINS

    I know this because my Login streak is 20 days. I'm very happy about that. A couple of days may have been just to spin the wheel and "check-in," but I still hit the site. I'm coming along on the workout challenge. I had things get in the way for a couple of days, but I plan on doing the challenge a... Read more

  • When it all comes together: yoga class

    5/14/2018 3:58:39 PM, by QWESTING

    Lovely class today. I am so grateful that I have a really excellent teacher that I stumbled across in my village class! What I really appreciated today, because I was aware of it, was the bringing together of many lessons and teachings in one class. It felt very connected as a result. - We... Read more

  • Week 4 - I'm exhausted!

    5/14/2018 8:24:27 AM, by CALLIKIA

    So last week was my fullest run week thus far. I only missed one XT workout last week, and I sorta accidentally got it in anyhow. I did miss my recovery run yesterday thanks to being surprised by my kid for Mother's Day (so I'm not mad about that!). Monday - ST at the gym; I'm lifting heavy ag... Read more

  • Jackie's Granola Goodness

    5/14/2018 4:52:16 AM, by JSTETSER

    Here's a great low-sugar , whole grain granola recipe. 9 cups of oats 1/3 cup of olive oil 1 cup Pumpkin Seeds 1 Cup Sunflower Seeds (no shells). 1/3 Cup Shredded Coconut 1 cup of chopped walnuts 1/4 cup Cinnamon 2 Tablespoons of flax ¼ Cup Maple Syrup 1/3 cup raisins or... Read more

  • Basic rules to overcome binge eating

    5/14/2018 3:44:45 AM, by WHITE-2

    Wrote this as a post on the Living Binge Free team but thought I'd also post it here: I wrote down the guidelines I got when I was in therapy for Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and posted them in a blog on a separate account, you can find them here:
    mypage.asp?id... Read more

  • Health and Happiness

    5/13/2018 6:16:06 AM, by JSTETSER

    Happiness and health are choices I make for myself! 1. I am as happy as I choose to be. Every day I choose to forgive and overlook a wrong, I’m adding to my happiness. When I talk about the good and ignore the negative, I’m choosing joy. It all comes down to where I place my focus. Maybe I ... Read more

  • Quarryman Challenge

    5/12/2018 2:33:12 PM, by KELLIEBEAN

    The Quarryman Challenge 2018 is in the books. Not exactly how I planned it but I got it done. I've done this 5K the last three years. Last year I placed 2nd in my age group and female middle of the pack (I had the middle time out of all females, yay for being average). 246 When they ... Read more

  • The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

    5/12/2018 5:03:46 AM, by JSTETSER

    Raising kids takes dedication, patience, persistence and lots of love. I am thankful for the love and care that my mother gave to me, and the love that I was able to pass on to my sons, step-kids, grand-kids and students. Caring for another person, especially a young impressionable person, ... Read more

  • it's friday

    5/11/2018 12:54:11 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is a beautiful sunny day here today. a bit n the cool side, though. my daughter says hi! a day to do a few different things for me and to be done for our place, too. for all moms, including pet moms, happy mother's day! have a great weekend,everyone!... Read more

  • Friday, May 11, 2018

    5/11/2018 6:59:03 AM, by TIGERSPEECH

    I've been reading, "Bright Line Eating" and watching videos related to it. I'm learning to face some of my food triggers. I'm learning to take better care of myself. We are going to see our lovely daughter graduate from college in South Carolina this weekend. She has thoughtfully made reserva... Read more

  • Just Enough

    5/11/2018 4:57:18 AM, by JSTETSER

    I am using the Intermittent Fasting discipline of eating "just enough" in hopes to see my blood sugar numbers lowered and my pancreas work better. Twice a week, I limit my food intake to 3 meals and snacks only if I'm really hungry. The rest of the week, I can indulge a bit more, but on Tu... Read more

  • Hello again

    5/10/2018 9:07:27 PM, by TERRI289

    Sorry I haven't blogged in so long.Life has been a bit overwhelming. Hope everyone is having a good spring. Spring finally got to South Jersey, so some flowers may get planted. I am getting used to switching glasses for reading and watching tv. Kind of annoying but manageable. Hubby and an... Read more

  • Update

    5/10/2018 4:47:23 PM, by JANETRW50

    To those of you who believed my 2.7 pound gain post colonoscopy was due to excess fluid, I say "right you were!" It was gone the next day. I still feel I deserved some weight LOSS from the misery of the whole thing but I am accepting of what is. Moving on. Today I pushed my golf cart around ... Read more

  • The cute faces in my life

    5/10/2018 5:00:55 AM, by JSTETSER

    I love all the cute faces of my life They add to the happiness, cutting down all the strife. It's the sweetness and the joys I receive from the girls and the boys. What would life be without all my friends? Those who on my help they've come to depend. Some are young, some are o... Read more

  • What a great family

    5/9/2018 8:17:18 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Once again, my older son comes through for Mother's Day, We are going to Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz. for a picnic lunch for the family. I love all of them so much. It will be great. I hope to have a new family picture to put on my Sparkpage. I don't care that he organized this for his wife, if ... Read more

  • a poem about mom's situation

    5/9/2018 7:17:10 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Torn apart in two directions Don’t they know what they are doing to me? Can’t they see the pain they are causing me? When they push for aggressive treatment They destroy me and make me feel worthless Mom says I am not but how I am supposed to feel When they only consider her and ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    5/9/2018 1:57:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    i went to a huge park in the big city here and they have cherry blossom trees that have been blooming more and more every day. it was a great outing with some friends and i got in plenty of walking throughout the day. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i went for my specialist do... Read more

  • week 27 of therapy

    5/9/2018 1:09:10 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    this week we discussed many things including the fact I am willing to marry the man I am with right now for the first time. That means changes are on the way for me and it also means I am ready to commit to him as well. I believe that the book Battlefield of the Mind has a lot to do with that as wel... Read more

  • Spring Cleaning!

    5/9/2018 12:32:51 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    First big spring party at our house this weekend means spring cleaning! Spring cleaning means DH and I have been hard at work the last week! The last 2 nights when we get home we've gone straight in to cleaning mode right after work. Last night I didn't stop until after 10! Usually I'm in bed by 10!... Read more

  • Rainbow Report from TheWiseOne and TheBrains

    5/9/2018 8:09:55 AM, by BESSHAILE

    58 May 9 already and I have been eating the rainbow for 8 days. The chart has kept me honest and motivated 43 Well - of course. I knew it would. 58 Why hello. And yes. You did. 43 And if (ahem) someone would only bling it up a bit I could take a photo of it and post it here ... Read more

  • Growing The Garden

    5/9/2018 4:59:05 AM, by JSTETSER

    First, come the compost and the well seasoned organic manure. It takes a good 10 months to take our veggie peels, coffee grounds, tea bags, grass clippings and leaves to turn into soil This year, I'm adding a few worms to the mix. Next, we turn the soil and prepare it for planting. Tod... Read more

  • Cant Quit.

    5/8/2018 10:03:09 PM, by SPARKLE-SHINE

    Been stalled for about 2 years. On a positive side I am stalled 30 pound less than the last stall. I just can't seem to be motivated to move forward..or downward on the scales.... Read more

  • It's a mystery

    5/8/2018 7:11:38 AM, by JANETRW50

    I am so confused! Yesterday I had my colonoscopy which is a great thing to have over with. I had two eggs and toast very early Sunday morning. The rest of the day it was clear liquids. I did drink ginger ale and juice the rest of the day. I started the prep at 6pm The only good thing about th... Read more

  • Climbing Hedgehog Mountain

    5/8/2018 4:59:47 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sunday was a damp, drizzly day. Originally, John and I wanted to hike Mt Monadnock but were concerned with getting stuck on the mountain in a downpour. We chose Hedgehog because it's smaller, and we could get off the mountain in an hour or less. Hedgehog, a 20-minute drive, is also close to o... Read more

  • Moving to the Music

    5/7/2018 8:13:27 PM, by KSUE33

    I’m upping my game selection of 🎶 music 🎵. I have realized that my early morning run is peaking with certain song genres. Pink Rocks my Posture and pushes me to keep my shoulders back and my head held high👩🏻‍🎤🌸☀️💗... Read more

  • All the other stuff

    5/7/2018 5:20:17 PM, by TIGERSEYEHEART

    I'm tired of focusing on the same stuff all the time - the same goals and aspirations and dreams. Sometimes I feel I've made huge progress but other days I feel like I've been in the same rut since I was a kid. The last five months have been riddled with same-old-rut days. Today was a particularl... Read more

  • Thirteenth Weekend Fasting Cycle with Ketone Testing Strips

    5/7/2018 2:04:40 PM, by SKATER787

    For this weekend fasting, I decided to try the Ketone testing strips. I've never done this before and didn't really appreciate the big deal that some people are doing all sort of things to get into ketosis. The fast was nothing unusual except it was funny when facing with the food samples at Co... Read more

  • it's monday

    5/7/2018 1:54:29 PM, by MOMMY445

    a warm and sunny day here today. tomorrow, i will be heading to a big park where there are plenty of cherry blossom trees to see, with some of the folks i went to the free university in the community program with. a great way to spend some time outdoors and with such nice people. my daughter says hi... Read more

  • Flying Pig 2018!

    5/7/2018 10:46:39 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    In late January, I stepped out the door one evening to get in my steps for the day. Well, a few steps of walking turned in to a run. I hadn't run on my own since my fall and injury in the late autumn at Crossfit. Since then, I've been running at home. I had even started doing a 1/2 marathon training... Read more

  • My journey of good health

    5/7/2018 5:08:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have been working consistently on lowering my blood sugar numbers, and am happy to announce that they are going and staying down. About a year ago, I had a time when my glucose (blood sugar) numbers were consistently between 175 and 220. I was eating a healthy diet, exercising for about 60 mi... Read more

  • The Yoga Hours

    5/7/2018 3:07:08 AM, by JENNIFERQUINLAN

    Maybe I'm not so different from other people but lately I find myself struggling with anger. At one point, I got angry at myself for being angry--how's that for meta?! While there are lots of reasons, valid, not so valid, and everywhere in-between (anger about my weight, about relationships I'... Read more

  • Race to Wrigley

    5/6/2018 6:01:06 PM, by KELLIEBEAN

    Enjoying some downtime on this lovely Sunday late afternoon. It's been quite a weekend. My feet are up, I had a warm washrag on my face earlier for a few minutes and now just veggin! Friday I worked off the week with a sweaty five-mile walk/run on a path I haven't run in a while. Recent rains w... Read more

  • Waiting for the hungry signals

    5/6/2018 5:11:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    I like food, I must confess. One of my hobbies in the past has been to munch out. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from Spark is to wait for hunger signs before eating. Eating has to be a necessary purpose first. I eat when I need food. Why? Because I always want food. I love the comfo... Read more

  • it's saturday

    5/5/2018 3:03:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    in a while, my daughter and i will be heading to the local park to play. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it is a beautiful, sunny, warm spring day here today. have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 5.4.18

    5/5/2018 12:50:47 PM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because they amuse me. 2. sleep, because i needed it. 3. taking the stairs, because at least i made that change. 4. silent mode, because it doesn’t wake me up. 5. being listened to, because it’s nice to be valued. 6. having some prep done for me, because it’s nice when it hap... Read more

  • Getting my Saturday off to a spectacular start!

    5/5/2018 12:05:44 PM, by CATTUTT

    I have a love/hate relationship with mornings. Mostly hate. But if I AM going to be getting up early to do something, I usually want to wake up really early and get the show on the road. I'm not good at sleeping in a little. I either sleep til noon or I'm ready to go at 6 am. This morning I did... Read more

  • Nature came out to greet me!

    5/5/2018 4:54:54 AM, by JSTETSER

    Henry David Thoreau said; "If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees". For the past two mornings, I have caught glimpses of nature not often see: an Eagle and a Deer. I drive along a quiet road near a lake, and this is where nature came out to greet me. ... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 5.3.18

    5/4/2018 9:56:19 PM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because they love me unconditionally. 2. getting some sleep, because the coughing made it a challenge. 3. getting more progress done on the class, because it needs to get done. 4. getting my massage in, because it was needed. 5. getting my steps in, because it’s been needing to... Read more

  • Hit 20 Lbs of Loss Today

    5/4/2018 1:23:11 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    I hit the 20 pound loss point last night! If you look at a sack of 15 or 20 pounds of potatoes you can see that it is a lot of size to go down. I have been on the Sparkpeople diet and fitness plan, with the Alli diet plan, and have been on the apple cider vinegar diet since November of 2016 f... Read more

  • it's friday!

    5/4/2018 11:46:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! my daughter says hi! it is a mostly cloudy day here today, with a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. i do not have too much planned for the day. i got some really nice fresh fruits and vegetables the other day at the grocery store. my daughter was happy to see so... Read more

  • Cooking with gas!

    5/4/2018 10:37:02 AM, by JANETRW50

    I arrived back home to New Hampshire on Wednesday. I do so love my house here! And I am cooking with gas again! And driving around is so easy and peaceful, unlike the mayhem of St Petersburg. This is where my heart is for sure. I feel a bit guilty at my pleasure in the lateness of spring knowin... Read more

  • Trash Pickers

    5/4/2018 5:08:47 AM, by JSTETSER

    We keep our road clean while getting good exercise. My husband and I have a secret ambition to keep our road free of trash.I know. It is a high and noble goal. We keep walking the road with an empty plastic bag. Every trip provides us with a full bag of trash. Maybe one day, we will com... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 5.2.18

    5/3/2018 11:26:10 PM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because they make me proud. 2. getting my steps in again, because that's 2 days in a row. 3. being prepared, because it was helpful. 4. waking up, because it could've been different. 5. making the meeting, because it's more hours out of the way. 6. attending various meetings,... Read more

  • Thursdays and Yoga

    5/3/2018 9:54:23 PM, by KELLIEBEAN

    As Beau Bridges said in the movie Rumor Has It, "Life has to be a little nuts sometimes. Otherwise it's just a bunch of Thursdays strung together." In my last blog I noted I was worried about my dad. Today's procedure showed no cancer, just a bad flare up of his colitis. It's been a worrisome f... Read more

  • An Ah-Ha Moment

    5/3/2018 2:13:41 PM, by JENNIFERQUINLAN

    Y'all, I got on the scale this morning and nearly fell off when I saw the number there! So much more progress in this past 41 days than in the first 81 (since Jan 1st, 2018). The difference? I've been logging in to Spark People every day. EVERY day, for 41 days. It's helped so... Read more

  • Neurology report on my tremor

    5/3/2018 12:01:09 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Here is what my Nurse Practitioner in Neurology said to me. I don't have Parkinson's or anything like it. However what I do have is something called Benign Essential Tremor. What this means for me is that when I have one. I have to learn to work through it and learn to deal with it for the rest of m... Read more

  • it's thursday

    5/3/2018 10:02:58 AM, by MOMMY445

    a warm and mostly cloudy day here today. there will be some rain this afternoon and in the evening. tomorrow is supposed to be very windy and rainy. the weather is okay for me and my daughter. today i will be getting some more fresh fruits, vegetables from the grocery store. my daughter and i go thr... Read more

  • day 65 - started testing foods

    5/3/2018 9:13:06 AM, by WHITE-2

    Today is day 65 of the elimination diet. I started challenging foods today. I drank one glass of regular milk this morning. I'm supposed to have another one on Saturday, and then one on monday morning. Given that dr. Michael Greger and Joel Fuhrman state that animal products are bad for us ... Read more

  • Enjoying the Everyday Beauty!

    5/3/2018 5:04:40 AM, by JSTETSER

    Okay. Maybe these aren't the best photos that you've ever seen. Maybe they won't make a calendar, poster or become the screen saver on my computer. Still, they have a beauty that makes my day special. Every morning, I look to see something amazing. I hunt for the moment that I can say;... Read more

  • Weigh In

    5/2/2018 9:16:21 PM, by CATTUTT

    Today was my Weight Watchers meeting, and, weigh in. I was up 2 lbs from last week, but I didn't sweat it. I was down 8.8 lbs last week and I knew that was a LOT and there was a chance the pendulum would swing the other way this week. That, coupled with waking up with low blood sugar and stuffing... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    5/2/2018 10:30:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter says hi to everyone! a beautiful, warm and sunny day here today. the both of us are keeping well hydrated and cool today. i finally get to wear the new pair of shorts that i bought last week, in a smaller size. i am down a size in clothes and i feel great! all of the birds say cheep,chee... Read more

  • Updates on Progress May 2

    5/2/2018 9:36:16 AM, by TRAINER_T

    I feel like I have had some progress. Now on to flowers. and the back yard........the wall again. Thanks for reading, spark on!... Read more

  • The Describing Dogs Book

    5/2/2018 5:05:17 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sometimes it's the simple things that help kids the most. That is the thinking behind the book that I made. I work with students who are learning how to describe animals, cars, toys and themselves. I started with the dogs. Understanding that adjectives are used to tell other people a... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 5.1.18

    5/2/2018 3:59:07 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because they make me appreciate the bigger passage of time. 2. for getting my steps in, because it’s been awhile. 3. for disconnecting, because it’s faster. 4. for getting the kids lunches done, because it’s better in the morning. 5. for catching up, because it’d been awhile. ... Read more

  • week 26 of therapy and other news

    5/1/2018 10:09:14 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Well the inside outside box was put on hold for a while since she was so busy but I don't hold it against her. I still need to work on getting my emotions in check sometimes. In session we discussed more about my past and what happened at my past workplace. I know that for me the past has a lot to d... Read more

  • Happy May Day!

    5/1/2018 9:34:17 PM, by CATTUTT

    Today was an absolutely glorious day here in central Ohio. The sun was shining, it was warm, and just lovely. I'm so glad Hubs happens to be on vacation this week so we could take advantage of it. We drove out to one of the Metro Parks that we'd only been to once, a couple of years ago. It was a ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    5/1/2018 11:32:04 AM, by MOMMY445

    the next few days here are going to be mostly sunny and mild. my daughter and i like weather like this. she gets to be outdoors more and so do i. i am committed to being more active, eating healthy and drinking enough water every day. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Eat the Rainbow - The Brains & Their Chart

    5/1/2018 7:43:57 AM, by BESSHAILE

    So y'all know I love me a chart. 43 Well. Y'all know I love ME a chart 18 They're okay if they're colorful Well hello you two. Good to see you. Been gone a long time 43 Had stuff to do 18 Not ready to share 43 Well, except about the May Chart Well - tell us all about it ... Read more

  • Laughter

    5/1/2018 5:01:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have been studying laughter and its effect on students through the website www.smartclassroommanagement.c
    om. When we share a laugh, out hearts and minds are open to each other. Did you know that the shortest distance between two people is often a joke? Laughter is a common language of jo... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 4.30.18

    5/1/2018 3:54:06 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because they are wonderfully unique individuals. 2. getting to go on the field trip, because it was a nice time spent with my oldest baby. 3. getting a nap, because it felt delicious. 4. getting the library cards mostly taken care of, because it's needed done. 5. jon, because o... Read more

  • Twelfth Weekend Fasting Cycle While Traveling

    4/30/2018 11:14:03 PM, by SKATER787

    So Sat was a traveling day. I was busy packing for an afternoon flight. Luckily, I didn't have to eat, thus, saved a lot of time to do my packing. At the airport, the cheapest food was Whataburger at the food court for $4-5. Sit down restaurants were $16-21 a pop. Luckily, they didn't get a dime fro... Read more

  • Getting it done

    4/30/2018 9:27:34 PM, by KSUE33

    I’m parking farther from work☺️ I’m always taking stairs..telling the teams “I’ll meet you there”, while they are piling into the elevator. I’m doing a daily checklist of changes for a better tomorrow 😎... Read more

  • Finally feeling like Spring!

    4/30/2018 7:21:04 PM, by CATTUTT

    Yesterday went well... until 4 am this morning, when I woke up with low blood sugar. I know what I'm SUPPOSED to do.. I'm SUPPOSED to eat 15 g of carb, wait 15 minutes, and I should be fine. But what do I do? Stuff every sugary thing I can get in my mouth to try to make the feeling go away. And l... Read more

  • Just two days

    4/30/2018 11:01:06 AM, by JANETRW50

    Only two more days left in Florida. This morning as I walked Pete (niece's dog) I was feeling just a bit of regret. The morning was cool but the sun was warm and was laying a bright sparkle down on the pond behind our townhouse. The humidity was low and there was a gentle breeze. Heavenly!. ... Read more

  • Monday

    4/30/2018 8:18:28 AM, by KELLIEBEAN

    Here we are at another Monday. Time to write a new chapter as we wrap up April. Some goals reached, some not, but always progress. I completed a half marathon last week that I didn't expect to happen since injuring myself earlier this year. I almost didn't go but I took it nice and easy, o... Read more

  • Wow! It's been a while.

    4/30/2018 8:18:18 AM, by LADYREDCOMET

    It's been over a year since my last blog post... Since then, I've really gotten back into belly dance. So much so that it's now my (very enjoyable) primary cardio exercise each week. I was invited to join a local troupe last year, so that's also become part of my monthly routine as I work on mo... Read more

  • The Great Bluet Hunt

    4/30/2018 7:42:14 AM, by BESSHAILE

    Inspired by Watermellen's First Forest Flowers blog
    ?blog_id=6487200 I've decided to invite you on my hunt for the bluet - or the Quaker Ladies - or the Houstonia caerulea. For, while it's true my favorite flower is always ... Read more