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  • A Story Related to Previous Blog

    6/21/2018 7:38:17 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Giving this temperature thing more consideration, I am left wondering about a sibling. This sibling also has a longstanding clinical thyroid condition. Temperature impacts this sibling's health. The temperature issue? Cold. We are talking full blown allergic reactions to cold. Itching, swe... Read more

  • Additional Considerations

    6/21/2018 4:53:03 PM, by JEANKNEE

    1CRAZYDOG and I have had some back and forth *conversation* over the past few days. We have shared similar experiences pertaining to our health. Our exchange opened my eyes to additional considerations regarding the experiences I've had the past several summers. I have a longstanding clinical... Read more

  • Rising Weight Update

    6/21/2018 1:37:33 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I am closing in on completing the first 3 weeks of increased activity. A period over which I typically see weight gain. And, the weight continues to rise with no apparent leveling off in sight. I remain unconcerned about it. This morning's scale weight was almost 4 pounds above the chosen cent... Read more

  • it's thursday

    6/21/2018 12:46:45 PM, by MOMMY445

    summer is here! hurray! my daughter says hi and she had a great soccer practice yesterday after dinner. today i will be focusing a bit more on my online course work, as i have gotten behind a bit. i am more than halfway done this particular online course i am now in. it is pretty much down to math s... Read more

  • Happy Summer Solstice!

    6/21/2018 9:56:43 AM, by ZIPITUP

    Started today with tea. I'm adding in a habit until 9/29 Started with tea... Tomorrow I'm beginning a no booze streak. So 100 days of tea 469 and 99 days of 227 181 297 482 Some will be subtracting streaks. Some will be additive. Ha ha I just found out on 9/29- which when ... Read more

  • Thursday

    6/21/2018 9:34:46 AM, by COOP9002

    Got a nice run in this morning. now it's on to a busy Thursday. hope your day is going well. Blessings... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    6/21/2018 6:12:15 AM, by RO2BENT

    Ended up being busy at work yesterday even though I had zero meetings but it was OK and then we got first place ceiling out of three boats that showed up by the one that always wins wasn’t there. Off for a swim this morning before work and I have training from nine to 1 o’clockAnd then a couple of m... Read more

  • When comfort food gets healthy

    6/20/2018 10:48:55 PM, by ALLIEOOPS2

    213 This morning my mom called bright and early to tell me my dad had been admitted to the hospital with atrial fibrillation. He’d passed out at dinner with long time friends and been rushed to the hospital. He’d never had heart issues before and has always been the picture of health. T... Read more

  • Additional Maintenance Data to Share

    6/20/2018 4:45:59 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I do not have access to all of the maintenance data gathered over the course of the team's (At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance) weight maintenance challenge history which was initiated by 4A-HEALTHY-BMI in November 2011. In September 2015, BAPEARMAN and I took the handoff from 4A... Read more

  • Consequences

    6/20/2018 2:59:00 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Darn it! I've done it AGAIN!!! I find myself doing without my favorite berry - boysenberry - for the second year in a row. Why? Because I continue to defer to others. This morning I drove out to the farm stand hoping to score some boysenberries. When I learned the season was over a... Read more

  • A Walk Down Memory Lane

    6/20/2018 1:11:22 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I posted the following to our team (At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance) thread - Successes, Challenges and HELP! and thought I'd share it as a blog. https//
    hread.asp?board=681x1111x63387537 Many of you have been slogging ... Read more

  • 100 days of White Tea

    6/20/2018 11:59:19 AM, by ZIPITUP

    For 100 days I am going to start my day with white tea and lemon. The 100 days ARE about making best healthy choices... I am not going to make any declarations here except for starting the day with 253 106 Joe...going to take a little break.. I look forward from 6/21 67 ... Read more

  • Birthday Celebrations, Races, and Updates!

    6/20/2018 11:41:05 AM, by SUGIRL06

    Every time I tried to write about my weekend the last 2 days, I went into a spiral of complaining. Enough positive stuff has happened since then so let's try this again and stick with the facts! 364 I ran the Stop the Heroin 5K in memory of my nephew, who passed away last year due to accident... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    6/20/2018 10:21:37 AM, by MOMMY445

    another beautiful day here today! my daughter says hi to all! i will reach the goals i have set for today. when the weather is this nice outside, i find myself heading outdoors more often than staying inside. tonight is soccer practice for my daughter and she is looking forward to it. all of the bir... Read more

  • Wednesday

    6/20/2018 9:01:49 AM, by COOP9002

    We are at an ENT office today getting a second opinion on Olivia’s hearing loss per her doctor’s request. Blessings ... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    6/20/2018 6:36:55 AM, by RO2BENT

    Finally bought our new grill like we wanted for two weeks now not sure when I’ll actually get it put together and I also got a haircut while mama sat at soccer camp and I went home and prep more food so it was a busy evening yesterday.Back to work this morning still sore from my first official trail... Read more

  • Has it really been six years on SparkPeople?

    6/19/2018 3:13:47 PM, by PMRUNNER

    How did that happen? I joined the SparkPeople community just over six years ago, in April 2012. We had just had our fourth child and my wife was looking to drop weight post-partum. She joined weight watchers and was successful with that. I wanted to lose a few pounds and get in better shap... Read more

  • Tuesday

    6/19/2018 12:57:54 PM, by COOP9002

    We’re dealing with unusually high heat and humidity here in Maryland. Hope it’s more temperate where you are. Blessings ... Read more

  • A public "thank you" to MOBYCARP

    6/19/2018 12:42:26 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Maintenance is not easy. Recently, I celebrated the completion of my fourth year of maintenance. Many have encouraged and supported me over the past four years. I appreciate all of you! MOBYCARP was particularly helpful as I transitioned to and entered maintenance. I perceived him to be a n... Read more

  • Going to give it a go.

    6/19/2018 12:23:27 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I had initially registered for our next challenge* with a center weight of 116. I have used that center for the last three challenges. However, given what I have experienced over the past 10 days and what I sensed months ago, I believe that gain I expected has arrived. Since I am content to... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    6/19/2018 12:18:16 PM, by MOMMY445

    this is the first day in a long time where i am not sore on my left leg or hip areas. i feel really good today and i will be going for a long walk in the afternoon. it is not as hot and humid here today as it was the other day. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific d... Read more

  • Let's go for a hike

    6/19/2018 10:09:47 AM, by TIKITAMI

    Father's day Jeff suggested we go for a hike, he wanted to go where I run. I thought this was weird, we hike there all the time so I asked for clarification. "I want to go where YOU go. We go out there, you run, I walk and you vanish off into the mountain. I want to see where you go." ... Read more

  • You want some?

    6/19/2018 8:40:28 AM, by WINACHST

    We went to Aldi's the other day and, of course, we have to walk past the candy cookie aisle because in the store we went to, that is displayed when you first walk in. Guess what is the money maker for that store? Hubby grabs a box of cookies for him, then picks up another flavor and asks me if ... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    6/19/2018 6:28:12 AM, by RO2BENT

    My boss had the day off yesterday but work wasn’t too bad. Did have to get dinner right away for soccer camp at 6 o’clock which ate up most of our free time but it’s only four days and the kids enjoy it. Still sore from my first official trail run Sunday and resting for sailing Wednesday... Read more

  • What I Noticed ...

    6/18/2018 4:34:31 PM, by JEANKNEE

    … no women walking the streets. This morning I walked home again from the gym and I crossed paths with six men while walking home. No women. And, it left me wondering if women are too afraid to be out walking alone. I rarely ever see a woman walking alone. I tend to see them walking w... Read more

  • Monday

    6/18/2018 11:51:59 AM, by COOP9002

    It's a steamy day here in the mid-Atlantic. It's like a typical hot summer day in the Midwest with temps in the mid 90's and 60% humidity. oh my i am not used to this anymore. Blessings... Read more

  • it's monday

    6/18/2018 10:49:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    another very warm and humid day here today, with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and some rain. my daughter and i are prepared for the day. then it is supposed to be a lot cooler tomorrow here. i am keeping cool in the local library and mall today. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a g... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    6/18/2018 6:26:42 AM, by RO2BENT

    Sort of busy day Sunday but not harried I started by running 3 miles on a trail while my wife and kids were in church and then we walked around the fish festival for a bit but left before the parade so we didn’t get trapped then kind of a quiet afternoon prepping and eating dinner and then drop off ... Read more

  • Sunday

    6/17/2018 5:26:58 PM, by COOP9002

    Today has been busy for a while, but it is starting to settle down. Hope all the dads had a great Father's day. Blessings... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    6/17/2018 7:27:10 AM, by RO2BENT

    Good easy day yesterday, the Indians game was fun hanging with some new friends. Trail run this AM and then food prep.... Read more

  • Saturday

    6/16/2018 10:31:27 PM, by COOP9002

    What a day!... Read more

  • Sometimes it's the little things ...

    6/16/2018 7:39:51 PM, by JEANKNEE

    like organic, pastured eggs available for half the price usually paid. Where? Our local Costco. I made a point to personally deliver a "thank you" to the store manager. She grinned from ear-to-ear and said, "Great!" like my dear, elderly cat insisting on my lap. She can be quite persistent... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    6/16/2018 11:34:43 AM, by RO2BENT

    Short work day, couldn’t stay past 11:00, but not a problem. Bought groceries and picked up kids from day camp, dinner, movie with the family, then a quick beer and snack date with momma. Easy morning today then going to the Indians game but we’re going to a friend’s house and walking to the game bu... Read more

  • Friday

    6/15/2018 2:45:57 PM, by COOP9002

    We are heading out to see The Incredibles 2 in a bit. It's a bit surreal with our oldest daughter flying out in the morning. however, she and her husband will be moving in with us in a couple of weeks. hope your Friday is going well. Blessings... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    6/15/2018 6:16:41 AM, by RO2BENT

    Another busy but fruitful day yesterday not much time in meetings aren’t doing abnormal work and then add a dinner out which will not be repeated because those tacos and take in the shells were fried. Looking forward to a nice weekend with the family both of my kids grandparents are out of town this... Read more

  • Life is better..........

    6/14/2018 1:09:48 PM, by LDYHAZ

    Pre event stress is out of the way now. After a big family get together with way too much potato salad. I went on a 2 1/2 day juice cleanse. Boy did that help. I have also made sleeping a priority. Had a big play day with the family and another water fight. All 6 grandchildren in one place.... Read more

  • Badwater wannabe

    6/14/2018 12:57:49 PM, by KATTURTLE

    I have a friend who crews and paces at Badwater 135 each July (135 mile race starts in Death Valley, ends on Mt Whitney - very tough race) I have always wanted toactually run this race, but realize that I have a long way to go to even complete the qualifiers. So in the true Spark spirit of small ste... Read more

  • it's thursday

    6/14/2018 11:52:05 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful, sunny, windy and not as hot day here today. my daughter says hi. she has a soccer game tonight after dinner. she is looking forward to it. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Thursday Morning

    6/14/2018 9:14:05 AM, by COOP9002

    though last night's meeting was rather sparsely attended, there is still hope that it was productive. I am trying to walk through some things at this time, which should grant our fellowship some clarity in the days ahead. Blessings... Read more

  • Poison plane is flying

    6/14/2018 7:51:10 AM, by WINACHST

    UGH!!! I live in the country where there are corn fields. This morning I am hearing the poison plane (crop duster) flying. I was going to go running with my granddaughter. This time of year is a bummer for running outdoors. Now I have to get in the car and run where there are no fields.... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    6/14/2018 6:19:40 AM, by RO2BENT

    Full day at work but not carried like a lot of days still can’t quite seem to get enough done but I guess that’s a good thing. Only had a little bit of quality time with the family last night due to Wednesday evening sailing but will make up for that this evening and we go to the marina for tacos... Read more

  • Only words to explain this is.... oh no

    6/14/2018 12:09:54 AM, by TIKITAMI

    Three very packed days in Disneyland went way too fast. It was a fun trip, a very active trip and for the most part, a healthy trip. We ordered our groceries ahead of time so when we got to our hotel room there was fresh fruit, roast chicken, carrots, water and whole grain buns waiting for us. We... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    6/13/2018 11:25:34 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter has soccer practice after dinner today. she is really looking forward to it. she enjoys playing soccer a lot. i will get in some extra exercise as well, as we practice for a while at home outside. she finds that the practicing is really helping her to do so well in soccer. all of the bir... Read more

  • Wednesday

    6/13/2018 10:18:24 AM, by COOP9002

    Hope your Wednesday is going well. Just trying to get some things done around here. Blessings... Read more

  • Nothing I do has helped with the pain

    6/13/2018 10:00:47 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I tried everything to get rid of the carpel tunnel pain but no help. Anywhere from not typing a whole lot to not doing any crocheting. If I keep my hands still, the pain is worse. The pain is so bad that I want to cry sometimes. Never had this much pain in any part of my body in a long time or this ... Read more

  • 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut 1/2 Marathon 2018

    6/13/2018 9:31:04 AM, by SUGIRL06

    Happy Birthday to me! I'm actually a little down today but trying to be happy. But, moving on. Did you know I'm down to 213 pounds? This might not seem like a big deal but about a year ago a hit an all time high of 231 lbs. My IBS was all over the place, I was constantly bloated, the scale ... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    6/13/2018 6:28:56 AM, by RO2BENT

    Relatively quiet day at work yesterday and expect the rest of this week to be the same. Next week might get busier if we have our monthly meeting with directors the following. Spent some quality time with the kids cleaning the floor from all their messages yesterday and the kids got baths. Wednesday... Read more

  • Burn Out

    6/12/2018 5:45:05 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Sometimes one needs to stop, before one realizes the toll that's been extracted. This is something I know about myself. And, the past three days have made it evident that I am, clearly, burned out. This is something deeper than exhaustion. I know this experience … unfortunately. Average sle... Read more

  • Tuesday

    6/12/2018 1:42:14 PM, by COOP9002

    it's another busy day here at the church. after a night full of meetings we are trying to get a few things done. Thank you for your prayers and concern for our daughter, especially during her job hunt. Blessings... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    6/12/2018 12:33:55 PM, by MOMMY445

    a warm and sunny day here today. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! not too much happening here. a day of rest and relaxation. have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Do those PLU stickers identify GMO items?

    6/12/2018 8:06:18 AM, by WINACHST

    Have you ever noticed those little stickers on fresh produce? What do they mean? They are placed there to identify bulk produce and will help make checkout and inventory control easier. The PLU codes are usually 4- or 5- digits, with the organically grown itens having a 9 placed before the 3000... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    6/12/2018 6:23:49 AM, by RO2BENT

    Call me a quiet Monday at work cleaning up some old lagging emails but discovered another small problem but I had to fix at the end of the day. Then some quality time sorting food at the food bank with the family. Back to work today expect more calm and quiet and for quality time with the family thi... Read more

  • Taking it Easy

    6/11/2018 4:14:42 PM, by JEANKNEE

    This morning when I woke it felt like a push to get to the reservoir for a walk before the training session at the gym. I chose not to push. I have felt pushed far too much in recent months. Not doing it! Yes, Barb. I, too, have an inner rebel. 211 The rebel was more than will... Read more

  • Ongoing lessons

    6/11/2018 12:31:56 PM, by JEANKNEE

    One of the things this journey has taught me regarding my body is this …increasing physical activity results in weight gain. That's right. Increased exercise is typically followed by at least 3 weeks of weight gain. How quickly the weight comes back down varies. We are about to complet... Read more

  • Rainy day, treadmill run

    6/11/2018 11:56:25 AM, by WINACHST

    Whew! I heard thunder in the distance, so decided it was a treadmill run kind of day. And another episode of the Zombies, Run! app. My warmup was level 1 of the 30 Day Shred routine. (Jillian Michaels) I decided to do a 2 miler, but forgot to check the distance/time in the Zombies Run app and... Read more

  • Monday

    6/11/2018 10:48:32 AM, by COOP9002

    Today is a busy day filled with meetings and some tough decisions. Prayers would be appreciated. Blessings... Read more

  • it's monday

    6/11/2018 10:16:45 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week is well underway. my daughter says hi! i went out to dinner the other day with a good friend of mine and had a great time. got in an extra walk as well. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Onset Delay Bloat?

    6/11/2018 8:00:02 AM, by WINACHST

    Ugh! I was doing so well and this morning I am bloated. When I exercise I get the muscle soreness about 48 hours after the workout. It seems like I have 48 hour delay onset bloat. The other day I air fried some spring rolls, way too many of them and this morning I am bloated, I know it is not from w... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    6/11/2018 6:35:12 AM, by RO2BENT

    Another easy client day I think I’m gonna take most of this week off from exercise other than playing with kids and walking to rest my shoulder and Achilles. Took the kids to a little magic show at the rec center yesterday and then one played outside in the splash pad even though it was chilly while... Read more

  • I've Retreated Indoors

    6/10/2018 10:41:45 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Well, it is a bit past 7:30 pm and I've been outdoors (outside of meal preparation) since 10:30 am. What a lovely day. The trees have been heavily soaked. The birds have found the bird bath in its new location and appear to appreciate its new spot. I'll keep an eye on it. I want to make sur... Read more

  • Appreciating Functional Fitness

    6/10/2018 6:48:01 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Today, most of the day has been spent outdoors. I've worked hours in the yard. Enjoyed a meal on the patio shaded by the Raywood Ash and am currently on the laptop posting a blog. I decided to relocate a bird bath. So, went over and picked up the top portion of it and schlepped it to its new... Read more

  • Don't remember the pain being this bad

    6/10/2018 4:49:01 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    When I had my carpel tunnel problems last year, I don't remember the pain or the numbness being this bad. Yeah, they were there but they weren't as bad as they are now. There have been times that I wanted to scream my head off when they acted up. Today at church I had a hard time holding the hymnal ... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    6/10/2018 11:46:39 AM, by RO2BENT

    Relatively quiet day yesterday, Achilles still hurting from last weekend but did a couple of walks to get to 10k steps. QT with the family, watched a movie before bed. Today should be similar ... Read more

  • Race results and about goals

    6/10/2018 9:39:38 AM, by WINACHST

    I have to brag about my race time 6. 55 miles on a challenging course (different terrain and hills, lots of hills). When I left the house, I announced to hubby my goal times: good - 1:22:00 better - 1:20:00 best - 1:18:00 I came around the corner, saw the clock, got a big grin on m... Read more

  • Update: 10th June 2018

    6/10/2018 9:03:02 AM, by WILDHORSEOCTAVI

    Gosh, I've been busy. It's GCSE season in England and I have taken up a job as an exam marker for two exams so I'm busy busy busy marking almost every day. But I'm still keeping on top of my new lifestyle. 1) I've recently started the IQS program by Sarah Wilson. It's 8 weeks to reset your bod... Read more

  • Focusing on positives

    6/9/2018 9:47:52 PM, by TIKITAMI

    I spent a couple of days deep in a pity party, so deep, waded up to my non-existent thigh gap high in self pity and then I took stock and talked to myself. Tami Luanna, (Yep, I middle named myself so I'd know this was serious stuff) until you sit down with the doctor and get the results you can't... Read more

  • it's saturday

    6/9/2018 3:52:02 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am having a relaxing day today. my daughter is at her friend's place today celebrating her friend's birthdays. two of her friends are twins and she likes to spend time with them on the weekends away from school. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a great day,everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    6/9/2018 3:07:46 PM, by RO2BENT

    Short easy Friday work QT family evening and a good night sleep. Easy day organizing some clutter and a birthday party today.... Read more

  • Physical Experience of Heaviness

    6/9/2018 3:04:04 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Recently, another Sparker commented regarding feelings of heaviness. The comment left me wondering … "At what weight do I physically experience heaviness?" When the question was asked of myself, the body's response was swift … 160 pounds. To put the body's response in context, here's a lo... Read more

  • Savannah's Coming!!!

    6/9/2018 1:48:26 PM, by COOP9002

    it's been a crazy busy morning. we are excited to head to the airport in a little while to pick up our daughter for a short visit. Enjoy your Saturday... Read more

  • Friday

    6/8/2018 9:31:13 PM, by COOP9002

    Today has been a busy day for what is supposed to be my day off. tomorrow morning we will have a memorial service for one of our long time members who lost her battle with cancer a couple of weeks ago. later that afternoon we head to Baltimore to pick up our daughter at the airport. this trip ... Read more

  • it's friday

    6/8/2018 10:21:58 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day, everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • Going to get tested for carpel tunnel

    6/8/2018 10:06:42 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, the doctor that did my carpel tunnel surgeries wants me to have the electrical test on my hands and arms to see if we have to do the carpel tunnel surgeries again. I am going to have that done on June 26th at 1pm with a neurologist and then a follow up with the doctor who did the surgeries on ... Read more

  • Topsy Turvy Weekend Ahead

    6/8/2018 9:46:58 AM, by SUGIRL06

    Good news! I hear mom is doing well! She's awake and talking! Its been almost 24 hours since surgery and that is the most critical time so I feel good about this. I am stressed still but happy to hear she's up. I am going to visit after work this afternoon. Going to try to get out early. I to... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    6/8/2018 6:15:24 AM, by RO2BENT

    Hey Mark let up a little bit yesterday but I’ve got training today so I’ll be right back in it. Had a little quality time with the family yesterday evening and looking forward to a lot this weekend... Read more

  • Every step of the journey is the journey

    6/8/2018 1:31:16 AM, by KATTURTLE

    Or so says the keychain one of my running buddies gave me. I've been reflecting on this for a while. This year, owing to my job (91 hour work weeks) and assorted injuries, I haven't really run any distance. I hate that I have allowed my job to interfere with my fitness, I hate the regained weigh, th... Read more

  • Holding Patterns

    6/7/2018 3:53:13 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I am referring to patterns of tension held in the body. Decades ago, I learned that my body primarily stores tension between the knees and hips … most often the hip/pelvic region … sometimes hamstrings. This has not been an issue for me in quite sometime. However, last Wednesday it became... Read more

  • Thursday

    6/7/2018 12:09:19 PM, by COOP9002

    i have a busy afternoon ahead of me. The middle school ministry that we partner with is having their annual picnic and pool party this afternoon. hope your Thursday is going well.... Read more

  • Dealing with stress eating

    6/7/2018 9:21:51 AM, by WINACHST

    I did well with my eating yesterday, for the most part. Then came the stress. My reaction: I found my hubby's stash of cookies and stuffed my face. Seriously? Eating cookies is going to relieve stress? No way! I just ended up feeling YUCK! Why do we do that when we have moments of discomfort? E... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    6/7/2018 5:53:23 AM, by RO2BENT

    Somewhat busy day at work again but still hardly any meetings this week. Sailing started well last night but then the wind died. Going to hit 80 today after a week of cool weather. Might run this evening... Read more

  • Wednesday

    6/6/2018 1:59:27 PM, by COOP9002

    today is the calm before the busy storm. tomorrow is an event with middle schoolers from the various clubs across our community and it involves a party at one of our public pools. Today i am getting ready for this evening and the weekend. Blessings... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    6/6/2018 10:43:46 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to relax and reflect on how far i have come since i started on sparkpeople. my daughter says hi. i am taking it easy today. i will eat well, drink plenty of water and eat a variety of healthy, tasty food. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    6/6/2018 10:43:41 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to relax and reflect on how far i have come since i started on sparkpeople. my daughter says hi. i am taking it easy today. i will eat well, drink plenty of water and eat a variety of healthy, tasty food. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Carpel tunnel problems are back

    6/6/2018 9:54:00 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, my carpel tunnel problems are back. They started about a month ago and has gotten worse since then. It was itching in the beginning but now its the numbness and soreness. No matter what I do, it seems to get worse. Tried to do less crocheting and typing but that doesn't even help. I have tried... Read more

  • Mindless eating/Stress eating.............

    6/6/2018 7:44:24 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Oh yuck!! Ever since that Half I have been struggling. Family situations. Up coming visit where my house is going to be over flowing with children and grand children. Daughter having both medical and mental issues. My reaction to all this stress and change......... I want to eat non stop a... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    6/6/2018 6:24:48 AM, by RO2BENT

    And work continues to be good I just sit at my desk and banging the keyboard all day emails entering data into the computer system fun stuff. Had some quality time at my moms for dinner because they leave Thursday for a 10 month RV country tour and then had quality time with mama when she got home l... Read more

  • June 5

    6/5/2018 11:25:47 PM, by ALLIEOOPS2

    It’s been a few weeks since I blogged last. My knee is back to normal, but I’m afraid to go back to doing 80 Day Obsession. It was very heavy into lunges and squats and I don’t want to relapse. In the alternative I have begun doing a C25K program on the treadmill. I’ve been feeling really go... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    6/5/2018 1:28:34 PM, by MOMMY445

    another cool and mostly cloudy day here today. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep, cheep! i am getting caught up on things like laundry today. have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Feeling Broken

    6/5/2018 12:54:24 PM, by SUGIRL06

    My twisted ankle is acting up again. Hoping that is goes away before my half marathon on Saturday. My shoulder is still kind of pinch-y but getting more range of motion so that's good. I've had another IBS flare last week. I'm currently on antibiotics (more on that in a second) so my IBS... Read more

  • Holding a 5 pound weight loss despite a bad love affair

    6/5/2018 10:18:46 AM, by WINACHST

    Well, I went to our cabin for the first time this year. I hopped on the scale and saw my last saved numbers. I was surprised to see that I am holding a 5 pound weight loss since last fall. And now, when I come back home, I am still holding despite my love affair that I had with Lay's Potato chips. ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    6/5/2018 9:57:17 AM, by COOP9002

    Last night's meeting went about as expected. I am not sure what to do about a couple of situations within the church fellowship. I am simply praying for the Savior's guidance and intervention. Hope you're having a blessed day.... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    6/5/2018 6:16:38 AM, by RO2BENT

    Very good day yesterday after a great night sleep getting caught up at work and spending time with the family. Looking forward to a repeat today... Read more

  • Where have you been?!

    6/4/2018 4:40:38 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I was greeted with these words many times this morning. It happened while I walked the reservoir AND at the gym. I have not frequented the reservoir in months and I have not frequented the gym during morning hours for months either. One of the gym employees thought I hadn't been in ... Read more

  • Olivia

    6/4/2018 4:30:24 PM, by COOP9002

    hope your Monday is going well. our youngest daughter finally made it to school this morning. glad to see she is feeling better. Thank you for your prayers.... Read more

  • Responding to Comments/Questions

    6/4/2018 4:05:30 PM, by JEANKNEE

    A number of questions/comments were posted in response to my last blog: Recent Steadiness Atypical
    idual.asp?blog_id=6497561 And, I'd like to respond to them here rather than ones Spark Page. So, here we go ... ONEKIDSM... Read more

  • Get ready ! National Running day is coming !

    6/4/2018 1:23:11 PM, by KATTURTLE

    Wednesday is National Running day. It's a great opportunity for anyone who had ever wanted to be a runner to start ! The whole idea of running can be so intimidating, imagining all those people who seem to be made of sinew and gristle stretching their quads while checking out with their basket of ka... Read more

  • it's monday

    6/4/2018 10:17:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    i had a good weekend and so did my daughter. not a lot planned today. i will be going on a nice walk later on. it is much cooler here than it has been for a while. when the weather is a bit cooler, i find i enjoy walking outdoors so much more. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a great day,every... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    6/4/2018 6:18:27 AM, by RO2BENT

    Rather uneventful yesterday there was no wind and there was a Rain friend that passed through was no rain afterwards so we never left the dock and they canceled all sailing races so we had lots of time to take down the mast load the boat on the trailer and drive it back to Ohio. Back to work today I... Read more

  • Recent Steadiness Atypical

    6/3/2018 9:52:16 PM, by JEANKNEE

    A number of Sparkers commented about the steadiness of my weight, when I shared my recent Week 7 posting for the Nickelodeon Maintenance Challenge. The recent steadiness experienced is atypical. I have been routinely tracking weight since late October 2013 and have not seen anything like what ... Read more

  • Sunday

    6/3/2018 3:07:49 PM, by COOP9002

    it's Sunday, and i am hoping to play some hoops later tonight. Blessings... Read more