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  • I did it!! Goal met! 28 pounds down!

    12/4/2019 8:43:19 AM, by ALLTHINGSNEW81

    I didn't want to weigh in today but spark asked me to. It's the last day that I can weigh in for the next five weeks because I'll be living out of suitcases so I figured it would be a good idea. I'm down another pound!! I've been giving in to extra servings of potatoes (my comfort food) and I was su... Read more

  • Running the numbers

    11/19/2019 10:08:50 AM, by ALLTHINGSNEW81

    I re-did my BMI out of curiosity. I'm down nearly two full points. I had my body fat percentage rechecked. It's down 1.4%. I never really took any before measurements I'm going to have to look through my sewing journal for a rough idea but my husband keeps mentioning how much smaller I a... Read more

  • Peace.

    11/16/2019 8:52:33 AM, by ALLTHINGSNEW81

    Peace has been on my mind a lot this week. It kept coming up in conversations and these thoughts keep repeating within me. (Warning: Long post, I needed to type it out.) When the disciples were in the boat and in the storm, Jesus slept. He was at Peace. He was Peace, the very Prince of peace. H... Read more

  • Ten Percent

    11/14/2019 8:58:32 AM, by ALLTHINGSNEW81

    This morning I whooped as I saw the number on the scale. It will probably swing up again because that's how my body works but today it was less than 220 for the first time in 17 years. I started this round of my weight loss plan at 245. My goal was really to get to ten percent loss by December 4th w... Read more