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  • Trip to San Diego to see my Marine

    10/16/2019 8:31:04 AM, by RUNNER4LIFE08

    Trying to get back into the swing of things after a weeks long vacation out in beautiful San Diego! We toured numerous beaches, National monuments, Old Town, hiked Torrey Pines, toured USS Midway, ate lots of good Mexican, etc.... Everyday was full of lots of walking as we filled each da... Read more

  • Decided to not worry and be happy

    10/6/2019 8:55:30 AM, by TEDDYTEDDY

    Straightened out the problem that drove me to tears 2 days ago. This plan right now is to keep my small retirement fund with the same investment company, especially since I don’t need to add stress to my plate, I have more than enough, stress, that is.... Read more

  • I am still doing pretty well with recent loss of hubby, but,,,

    10/4/2019 3:11:01 PM, by TEDDYTEDDY

    I’m totally worried about finances and am doing my best to chill but it’s difficult.... Read more

  • Went to gym 2 times this week and walked or swam for a full hour both times.

    9/28/2019 10:05:46 AM, by TEDDYTEDDY

    I’m going to gym today and tomorrow, also. I’m busy getting prepped for church service for hubby’s passing and am having a bit of difficulty with choosing pictures to bring for display. Monday this week have appointment with periodontist and Tuesday have eye shot #78 in right, so will not be able ... Read more

  • I am almost a Marine MoM

    9/25/2019 8:28:14 AM, by RUNNER4LIFE08

    My middle child is currently in San Diego at Boot Camp for the Marines. He has been there since July 15. I have not had any communication with him besides a letter every week. I miss my son like crazy! He is currently in the last task to pass before officially earning the title of Marine... ... Read more

  • Hike with a weighted backpack

    9/18/2019 3:16:19 PM, by RUNNER4LIFE08

    This past Saturday I decided it was a good idea to support my son. He is currently at Boot camp in San Diego preparing to become a Marine. Saturday they were doing a 8 mile hike with 45 pounds on their backs. So this mama wanted to show my son I support him fully! We went out to Afton State ... Read more

  • Do you use measurements?

    9/18/2019 8:14:17 AM, by RUNNER4LIFE08

    Do you use forms of measurements during your weight loss journey? 38 38 38 38 One form is measuring your food. When I was looking back at my past journey and how successful I was, one thing I did consistently was measured my food. I used my measuring cups, teaspoons... Read more