Fitness Tracker Buyer's Guide

Wearable fitness trackers are a great way to push yourself to be more active every day. SparkPeople is integrated with all the leading fitness trackers so you can seamlessly sync data from your tracker right to your SparkPeople account. Tracking your fitness online has never been easier!

Below are some notes on the trackers that currently integrate with SparkPeople. Each one is a bit different, but we can recommend all of them from firsthand experience! Plus you can get them all at After you buy a tracker, visit the Connect Devices link on your MyFitness page to get set up.

  • Fitbit

    Fitbit is the most popular tracker in the world, and for good reason. They have a huge variety of options, from clip-on models ($50) to smart watches with built-in heart rate monitors ($200+). Fitbit products are also very accurate and easy to use.

    Plusses: A variety of options and prices, high-quality and reliable

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  • Garmin

    Garmin brings its long history of high-level health trackers to a line of new fitness tracking bands. Standout features include in-display step tracker and ultra-long battery life (some models can go a year without charge). This band also pairs with a variety of other Garmin devices. Bands start at $80.

    Plusses: 1-year battery life on Vivofit model, in-display step tracker

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  • Misfit

    Misfit offers an eclectic mix of trackers. These bold, stylish devices start at $20, and all models are guaranteed 6 months of battery life. However, like Jawbone, no models show numbers on the tracker.

    Plusses: Low cost, bold design, long battery life

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