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  Week of 7/15/2010 - Featured Board Post

Maybe I Can Be the Athletic Girl After All!

For basically my whole life (almost) I've been "the fat friend" and the girl that just made jokes because it was easier than admitting I was embarrassed about how much better most people were at things than me. Swimming, running, soccer....I wanted to be that athletic, confident girl but that just wasn't me, and never would be... (or, so I was told).

In Junior High, we had to run the mile in gym class once a year. They said it was to test your endurance and "just to have fun." In my mind, it was cruel and unusual torture. Well, there I was...ready...sneakers on, shorts tied, hair up: on-your-mark-get-set-go!!! And 20 minutes later there I was....out of breath, sweaty, feeling embarrassed, with even lower self-esteem then before. It was a good day. Haha...not really.

But, TODAY WAS!! Not only is it years later, but I'm doing these things for the right reasons. Not to impress anyone, but to prove it to myself that I'm NOT that chubby seventh grader; I am and should be confident.

Today, I ran two miles in 20 minutes. I have doubled what I did in seventh grade, and I could have gone longer!! It's just so exciting!!

Maybe I can be that athletic girl after all!

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