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  Week of 7/8/2010 - Featured Board Post

I Didn't Let the Monster Win!

When I am stressed or feeling down or even pre-menstrual, I eat for comfort. I fought off that monster several times in the two weeks I have been on this program. The most amazing experience occurred this week at the beach. I really, really wanted the onion rings on my son's plate. Instead I ate the sandwich that I had prepared from the meal plan along with the serving of fruit and told myself that if I was still craving it 10 minutes after my meal, that I could have just one. I found that I lost interest because I felt satisfied from my meal and lost myself in conversation with my friend.

It occurred to me that I had been assaulting my system for so long with foods that my 42 year old body just can't handle any more, and since those foods never filled the hunger void, I would go back for more adding unnecessary and unhealthy calories. There was a sense of peace that I received from my system being in sync that it felt as though I had kicked an addiction.

Yesterday we went to see a Broadway show in NYC. I thought for sure I would blow it on lunch and dinner but I made healthy choices even though the portions I ate may have been a bit larger than what the meal plan recommended. I calculated the hours of walking we did and I came out ahead of the game anyway.

I have been a closet eater for many years, fluctuating about 20-25 pounds more than my ideal weight, taking off the weight in spurts only to have it come back on again. Happy to say, I have learned how to tame the beast and have left the monster in the closet by himself!

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