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  Week of 6/17/2010 - Featured Blog Post

Here's Your Sign...

I have a pretty long commute, so I have lots of time to think. Since January, when I started SP, my commute thinking has changed. Rather than be consumed by work, I am consumed by figuring out health. And, I am liking this new thinking. Wednesday's commute was one in which I realized how different my thinking has become. I chuckled as I thought about a few SIGNS of changed thinking... Here are a few.

You know you are getting healthy when...

.... you start thinking about water in terms of ounces rather than glasses.

... you start thinking about shorter ways to get to the gym rather than thinking about ways to get around it.

...you are excited when the doctor FINALLY gives you a green light to exercise rather than dreading he might tell you to get off your butt to exercise.

... you think twice about eating out rather than eating out twice.

... grocery shopping actually takes a lot to time because you do a double take on every ingredient label rather than scarcely glancing at anything beyond the price.

...you eye the couch as the most convenient place to store your weights rather than the most convenient place to store the weight of your rear.

... you curse at the architects of parking places that seem way too close to the front door of the supermarket rather than obnoxiously far away from the closest entrance.

...you realize there are not enough triathlon magazines at the store rather than thinking that the manager is wasting good book space for magazines only elite athletes will purchase.

...you take pictures of Starbucks advertising because it just shocks you for its clever, blatant and manipulative fattening of America. (sorry Starbuck's fans...) rather than getting reeled in. (and yes, I really did take two photos last week!)

... you find yourself salivating over different kinds of running shoes rather than looking for the cheapest tennies after the ones you own get holes in both soles.

...you relish in the burn of a good workout rather than stop as soon as anything tingles at the slightest!

Those are just a few of my SIGNS! It's kind of fun to make this list! I started off with about 2-3 and ended up thinking of more! Try it!!

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