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  Week of 5/27/2010 - Featured Blog Post

How SparkPeople Has Changed My Life

Another member's blog inspired me to think about the MANY changes in my life since starting SparkPeople a year and a half ago. I first came here to lose maybe 10-15 pounds and have a place to count and record calories--that was it. A lot has changed since then, besides losing the weight and tracking calories!

Iím setting the alarm 45 minutes earlier in the morning (and actually paying attention to it!), just so that I can do the following couple of things before leaving for work:

- Walk with the dog for a mile and a half.
- Eat breakfast. I didnít eat any breakfast before, but now itís my biggest meal of the day!
- I'm drinking less alcohol but, perversely, a LOT more coffee. (Shrug!)
- Instead of seeing 2 miles of walking per day as a really good effort, I now see 5 miles of walking per day as a requirement.
- I wear a pedometer all the time and aim for 10,000 steps a day.
- Do 100 pushups every other day.
- Make a salad for lunch and as a dinner accompaniment every day.
- Think about my goals for the day, including envisioning positive outcomes for the day and dealing with challenges right away, instead of putting them off.
- Take some time every day to envision myself the way I want to be.
- Started running again, instead of continuing to tell myself, ďBoohoo, I canít run because of my arthritis.Ē
- Started moving my body with less fear and trepidation. I will NOT be old before my time any longer!
- Getting to bed 45 minutes earlier.
- Reading more.
- Being more active in my SparkTeams. Of course, I wasnít even ON a social networking site before SparkPeople, and now itís a huge part of my life!
- Being aware of when Iím actually hungry or full, and acting on those cues instead of eating mindlessly.
- Reflecting regularly on my life and my goals, and setting new goals as old ones are met.
- Weighing in only once a week, and maintaining a healthy weight.

I guess there's something to this Spark thing, huh?

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