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  Week of 4/29/2010 - Featured Board Post

I'm Physically Handicapped, But...

Last night working out at the gym I did 200 lbs. on the leg press for 8 reps!!!

Background: 16 years ago I was hit head-on by a driver that fell asleep at the wheel. Both legs and my left arm were broken. My left leg is now 2 1/2 inches shorter and my left arm only bends at the sight of a non-union above my elbow (which was shattered and has fused to being unmovable).

Now I'm trying to come up with a new term for myself. Structurally, I'm handicapped and there are things my body will never ever do, but today I feel like that whole handicapped thing is a label I need to get out of my head.

I can't say in my head "But, I'm handicapped (whine, whine, whine)" as an excuse anymore. Restricted, yes ... unable, no!

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