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  Week of 11/27/2008 - Featured Board Post

6 months with SparkPeople…..priceless!

It has been 6 months since I joined SparkPeople. My weight has dropped from 240 (maybe higher... I was afraid to get on the scale, so I am going by my highest weight recorded on the doctor's chart) to 174, my BP has dropped from 169/89 to 117/74, my cholesterol is now well within normal limits, I am sleeping well, my psoriasis has healed, my hair and skin look healthy, my color has improved, my fat clothes are all way too big, my mood is improved (there are days when I feel positively elated, and that never happened before!), I've made new SparkFriends... the list goes on.

Oh yeah... and did I mention that as of this morning, I am no longer obese? In another 6 months, I'm not even going to be overweight! All I can say is thank you, SparkPeople! No exaggeration, I am very close to tears right now. This site ROCKS!

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