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  Week of 4/8/2010 - Featured Blog Post

Only 49 Years Old

Yesterday, my best friend died of a heart attack. She was only 49 years old, my age. She was a gentle, giving soul who loved the Lord and was generous beyond compare. She was a talented photographer, bright, and always concerned for others. Her lifestyle, however, was unhealthy and she was very overweight with most it carried as belly fat. She knew the basics of nutrition but didn't work a program or exercise much. The consequences were tragic.

At the start of my journey with Spark People, I had the same habits as my friend and weighed almost as much. Thanks to this website and my accountability partner, I have lost 30 pounds in just over 3 months. I am walking 3 miles every other day and I am feeling better and more energetic. I am just 4 pounds away from the under 200 mark, a goal that has eluded me for many years. Please weep with me at the loss of my friend. Then rejoice that it might not be too late for me and that, with everyone's help, I will reach my wellness goals.

Please learn from my dear friend's story. How you work the SparkPeople program can save your life. When it comes to our health, the stakes are high and the risks of ignoring the warning signs are great. In my friend's memory, I will make it my mission to spread the word about SparkPeople and the need for healthier lifestyles. I am so grateful for this life saving community and the important work that is being done here.

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