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  Week of 4/1/2010 - Featured Board Post

Reached And Surpassed My Goal!

I stopped counting numbers a few months back when I was within five pounds. I started focusing on and enjoying being healthy and active and wanted to give my body and skin time to adjust to this new weight.

My car got stolen and out of necessity I started walking A LOT more, on errands within a couple miles and then some miles between bus routes to make the shortest trips. I was eating a lot more and feeling hungry a lot, so out of concern I finally bought a scale. (Until now I only weighed in at the doctor or Nutritionist appt or at the gym-- but w/o car, I haven't been able to access any of those for two months.)

Surprise, surprise, not only did I hit my goal, I went below it AND am now at the weight I was when I was 21 and really active. Woot! I almost didn't believe it at first, thought, oh gosh, this inexpensive analog scale MUST be off...but then realized my 'tight' slim jeans hadn't been tight for weeks and my good fitting, nice-butt jeans were really hanging around my hips and sagging in the derriere. Whoa!

It's TRUE. I went right past my goal and never noticed...was too busy trucking along those sidewalks and trails, munching my veggies and fruit snacks every few hours and having a grand old time knowing how lucky I was they took my car now, verses 1-2 years ago when I would have really been trapped and housebound. Now, NOTHING keeps me still...because I can walk everywhere!

That's what being at a healthy weight and fitness level can do for you...it makes you FREE!

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