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  Week of 3/25/2010 - Featured Board Post

So Amazed I Had To Share!

I'm not a regular to the Message Boards, but I weighed in this week and am so happy I have to share. I have crossed the 45lbs-lost line this week and I can't believe it! It was so much easier than I ever thought it would be. Just tracking my calorie intake every day has taught me so much....and made me realize how much I was eating before.

So, I started thinking....how much is 45lbs?

- About one large bag of dog food
- About 5 gallons of milk
- An average 6 year old

I can't believe that I was carrying around the weight of these items with me every day! It also makes me realize how much more I need to lose.

So, I'll keep going to reach my "1st" goal...only 33 lbs more to go! Then I need to set my next goal.

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