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  Week of 3/18/2010 - Featured Board Post

Today I Became A Runner

Sure I have run before. I even have two t-shirts to say I did a 5K (although, truth be told I walked part of them, which was OK with me.) My February 22nd blog was about running 1.25 miles consecutively. I was so happy that day because I realized I was finally tearing down some of those mental limitations. Tuesday of this week I did 1.75 miles straight. After that run, I was confident that my goal of mid April for a 5K seemed totally possible now.

Tuesday to Friday is only 3 days but guess what? This morning, I did 3 miles in 36:04 minutes!!! I walked the first quarter mile as a warm-up then set the treadmill for 5.0 and started jogging. Throughout the next 32 minutes I would continue at that pace and even went a half mile at 5.5! Then when I saw 3 miles in 36 minutes could be a reality - set it back up to that speed for the last quarter mile. I had some thoughts during that time on how my body was responding, other times I just enjoyed my iPod, and other times I just felt like I was in a "zone". Today's run was different than others because at about 2.25 miles I thought - this is what a runner feels like and it feels good.

As I was getting a shower this morning I realized itís been 2 years and 2 months on Spark (on Sunday it will be 2 y, 2m and 2 days!). Starting at 222 pounds (maybe I should play 222 on the lottery on Sunday), I would have never imagined that I would jog 3 miles straight, much less enjoy it. Hitting this goal (and much earlier than planned) feels just as good as losing the weight. It is a great reminder that success breeds success. Setting small goals and accomplishing them makes me want to continue to reach higher. Reach higher not only in fitness but many other aspects of my life, as well.

Today is a great day!

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