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  Week of 3/11/2010 - Featured Blog Post

I Told My Whole Class About SparkPeople.com

So today I did something that I hope with make a difference in someone's life. Even if I just touched one person, it was worth it!

I am a college student and I needed a topic for a paper I was writing in my business class...I know it is not the most conventional "business" but I choose SparkPeople. I discussed this with my teacher a few weeks back and he agreed to let me do this particular topic. I was stoked!

Now being somewhat of a procrastinator when it comes to schoolwork, I put it off until the end of last week even though I have known about it for weeks :)

-I started my research.
-I outlined it all.
-I wrote my paper.
-I printed it out.
-I then woke up today and remembered that I have to present my topic to the class
---Whoops! Where have I been???
So I put together a brief PowerPoint and figured I would let my passion for SP take over the rest...

I was the 5th person to present. We had to do a minimum of 5 minutes...I think when I finished I had talked for 10-15 minutes!

I asked if anyone had heard of SparkPeople.com and no one had (except my 2 friends who are on here as well!). So I started my presentation and talked about the history of SP, the history of Chris Downie, how the company came about, what the website was, etc. I even pulled up my SparkPeople.com start page and showed them around! I read my status to them as well :) and my teacher got a kick out of it! It reads "TCRADY11 wrote an 8 page paper about SP...I hope the teacher likes it as much as I do!!" It was great!

When I was talking about SP and all the great assets it brings to its members, I had so much to say! I wanted to tell them EVERY little thing about the site. I had so much passion built up that I just wanted to keep talking and talking about it but realized that others still had to present so I talked about my analysis and then wrapped things up.

But I realized something tonight when I was presenting...I may want to do something with my life that has to either do with:

a) public speaking
b) motivating others
c) certified personal trainer/coach
d) helping others
e) all of the above rolled into one??

I know I am going to school for business administration but those other areas interest me and I have passion for them as well! It was such an experience to have all these feelings running thru me when I was up there talking about SparkPeople.

I do not know where life will take me or what opportunities will arise but I will be on the lookout to make things happen.

*I want to help others.
**I want to "spark" them.
***I want to help them help themselves.

The end.

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