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  Week of 3/4/2010 - Featured Board Post

How I Triumphed Over Temptation

Okay, yesterday I was pressed for time. I didn't have much of a breakfast-- just a small serving of cereal with some skim milk and then I exercised. After I arrived at home my husband and I shared a mushroom, onion and eggbeater (mostly mushroom) scramble. I have to tell you, I was still very hungry.

I had to go to the store and pick my son up. I received my new Vitamix yesterday and was pretty intimidated by it. I thought I would try it out tonight. Every step of the way in the store I was tempted. Our Wegmans has an extensive take out area with pizza, wings, Chinese food, subs, etc. I was good --in and out of there-- picked my son up and as we drove past a Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's, OIP, and Taco Bell... I was so tempted to hit the drive thrus... But I didn't.

Instead, I got home, used my Vitamix and made a fabulous green smoothie that got my 2 cups of greens in for the day as well as the fruits and dairy. I cooked up a Boca burger and ate it with my sprouted grain bread. I was very satisfied. I also ended up making the family an orange/pineapple/banana slushy after dinner. I had a little taste but the green smoothie had really filled me.

It would have been so easy to give in to temptation and hit a drive thru or grab a slice of pizza at Wegmans but I know I would have regretted it and it would have made my feel sick. I have folded in the past. Sometimes I will eat whatever item I am tempted when I do my "cheat meal". When it comes time for my weekly cheat meal, I usually ask myself, "Is it worth it?" Sometimes yes, but most of the time it's a big "No" and I continue to eat clean.

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