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  Week of 2/25/2010 - Featured Blog Post

Defeating Negative Self-Talk

My alarm went off this morning. I looked at it and I said "I'm not getting up to go work out." And I reset it for 45 minutes later and went back to sleep. Big mistake. When I finally got up, went to go feed the cats and shower, all I was thinking was "I am such a failure. Why didn't I go work out? That's so pathetic. No wonder I'm fat. I did it for 14 days and now ruined my streak of exercising? I am such a loser." And this went on while I brushed my teeth, and took a shower and got a cup of coffee and dried my hair and put on makeup.

And then DH came in to brush his teeth, took one look at me, and said "what's wrong." And so I told him how I was feeling like such a failure for not getting up that morning. His response was, well, that's silly. Why don't you just work out tonight after dinner?

Oh. Right. Duh. We do have the treadmill, in the basement, and it will still be there at 6:30 tonight. Ok, so that part of the problem is solved, but I still need to work on this negative self talk. It's funny, I'd NEVER say the things I think about myself to someone else-especially someone I care about. Would I tell DH what a failure he was? No-no matter what the circumstances. So why do I treat myself differently?

I have been doing GREAT in improving my health and nutrition. I've been eating more fruits and veggies, drinking water, getting consistent exercise, and focusing on sleep. But I need to let go of this perfectionism. Not just with exercising-but with everything.

So, today, I will eat healthily, drink my water and tonight I will do my workout after dinner. And I will be proud of doing all of this!

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