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  Week of 2/11/2010 - Featured Board Post

My 49th Birthday Success!

About a month ago I decided to physically challenge myself for my 49th birthday. I have been seriously training for over a year but, I needed to prove to myself that I could push myself beyond what I thought I was physically capable of. So I wrote these goals down, handed to my trainer a month ago and went to work on them. Yesterday was my 49th b-day and my goal was:

49 minutes on the treadmill and a 4.0 speed at 5% incline.

49 minutes of yoga (not one of my original goals, but thrown in for good measure.)

In 49 minutes I completed:

49 situps
49 chin ups
49 burpies (for my trainer, because he knows how much I hate them)
49 deadlifts
49 lunges
49 squats
49 swings (w/40 pound weight)
49 push ups (military style)

I walked out of the gym last night at 10PM with such a feeling accomplishment. I had done it!!

Now it's one year until my big 50. My trainer asked me what I would do for that birthday. I said "run a 5K for starters".

So today I give myself a pat on the back. I look back over what an amazing journey the past 3 years have been, losing over 120 pounds and being more physically fit then ever. I BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSSIBLE. One just needs to set the goal. Even if we don't succeed, it's the effort that counts.

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