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  Week of 1/28/2010 - Featured Blog Post

The Year In Review

I began 2009 wanting to "devote a little more time to me". In retrospect, I did that and so much more and 2009 turned out to be one of the best years of my life. While searching online for a tool to help me quit smoking, I found this little website called SparkPeople and thought I'd check it out...I mean it's just another diet site, right? WRONG...It proved to be literally my life saver.

By pursuing the healthy lifestyle and taking small steps to build successes and remain motivated as purported by SparkPeople:

I lost 98 pounds

Went from 6 prescriptions medications to no medication. (High blood pressure gone, high cholesterol going, anxiety gone, Gerd gone... )

My doctor told me I was AWESOME (are you kidding me?!?)...Now that was a true first!

Went from an affirmed couch potato to newbie runner.....
Accumulating over 18000 fitness minutes
Logging over 1000 miles (from April through December)
Logging over 4 million steps on my pedometer
Ran 17 miles in November and 19 miles in December
(I have 9.25 miles so far in January 2010)

Went down over 10 clothing sizes and lost a many, many inches

Met countless new SP friends (on line and locally in person)

Have become a member of the wonderfully supportive and caring SP Family

And oh yeah and I quit smoking (1st anniversary of being smoke free will be January 15, 2010.)

As of today, I am about 22 pounds from my initial goal weight, working on completing the 100 Push Up Challenge, participating in an Exercise Bootcamp and in training to run my first 5K race in March....all because of a little website!

Just think what challenges and accomplishments 2010 will bring? I AM READY!

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