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  Week of 12/24/2009 - Featured Board Post

I'm Looking Forward

After some extreme rough patches in my life I'd gone from a slightly overweight social butterfly to an obese woman who rarely had the energy or motivation to even just go shopping with friends. After getting over depression, I still stayed home self conscious and out of energy from doing nothing but sleep and sit. Last week, my boyfriend proposed to me. I was so excited, but I barely had the energy to get out of the house to celebrate! That was my snapping point, i believe. I realized that I can't even live life normally. How could I expect to get married and start a family?

Last night I decided to start over... I have 90-100 lbs to lose, and while I'd like to lose it by the wedding (16 months away) I'm more concerned with getting healthy and being happy with myself inside and out. Any small loss of weight or gain in health is a victory to me, and I know it'll be hard, but I'm up for the challenge. I have an amazing support for when I lose motivation or want to give up. Today, for the first time in about 3 years, I exercised. I didn't keep up the whole time, I got out of breath and I sweat, and I feel like a million dollars. Its a small step to some I guess, but to me, its doing something I didnt think id be able to do. I worked out and it felt good.

Hopefully, a few months from now, I'll be able to keep up. but until then, i'm just so proud of what I did I had to tell someone. I'm doing something for me, and for my future and the suture of my family. Forget the past, I'm looking forward.

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