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  Week of 12/10/2009 - Featured Board Post

Sparked By An Old Friend

Late last summer I was very depressed, very lazy and very fat (again) and getting worse every day. One day I found an old friend on Classmates.com. We had not talked to each other in a few years, but she inspired and encouraged me to do something! She still doesn't know how much she influenced me, so thank you Vickie!

Anyway, she recommended SparkPeople to me. I browsed the site for a week or so before I joined. I read SparkPages, Message Boards, etc. I realized that I could do this again! I wasn't alone! So, I joined and stepped on the scale. UHGGG!! I had 92 lbs I wanted to lose, which later changed to 99 after I saw my doctor. WOW. That seemed so overwhelming.

But by this time I had lots of motivation! I wanted to feel like myself again and start living again... as a thin, healthy person. SparkPeople has been the major difference in all my previous attempts at weight loss. I knew that tracking was a big part of it, as I've done that before. The difference is that I had the SparkPeople nutrition tracker to help me fine tune my eating habits. With this easy option I know I'll be able to maintain this forever.
I reached my goal today and I'm over the moon! I feel wonderful now, I have this high level of energy and mental clarity, and it's amazing! I can't wait to go brag at the doctor's office!

Thank You SparkPeople and everyone! I couldn't have done it without YOU!

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