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  Week of 11/26/2009 - Featured Board Post

A Bitter-Sweet Measure Of Success

Well, my SparkFriends... this measure of success is a little bitter-sweet, but still, a success nonetheless.

A few days ago, I was on the computer posting a comment on a SparkFriend's status, and as I was typing, I happened to glance down and noticed that my anniversary band (which I've been wearing for the past ten years) was not on my finger. The panic that set in was overwhelming! That ring had such sentimental value. My DH had given it to me for our 9th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful; it had 9 diamonds set into a beautiful thick gold band. I was looking forward to passing it down to one of my children one day!

While everyone else in the house was tucked in and on their way to dreamland, I was retracing my steps of the day, searching every inch of my floors, searching each room of the house, every sink, every piece of furniture, until I just gave up and went to bed. Consequently, I didn't sleep well and woke up feeling really sad. The next day, I called a few places I had been at the day prior, and no one had found or turned in a ring.

So this morning, I opened up my jewelry box, pulled out my engagement and wedding rings (they are curved and fit into each other) and took a deep breath. Would they fit? I haven't been able to wear them in YEARS. I would say, oh, about the same ten years that I've been wearing my anniversary band.

I started to slip them onto my finger, went a little further... hmmm... went a little further... AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY! And so I stood there looking at them, thinking how truly beautiful they are, and it took me back to our wedding day and all the wonderfulness of that day. I was smiling... just by myself, lost in my thoughts, when I turned around and my hubby was watching and smiling as well. That was a very cool moment.

And so, my SparkFriends, today I can write about this blog with a much better frame of mind than I would have been able to three days ago. Today marks YET ANOTHER fantastic measure of success; and although that anniversary band is gone, I will always have the memories associated with it and I will always have this morning's wonderful moment of being able to slip on my rings and feel such sheer joy to be able to do so.

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