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  Week of 11/20/2008 - Featured Board Post

I cheated today…..

Normally you would expect a post like this to go in the Panic forum instead of the Woo Hoo forum, but hear me out.

Tonight my husband treated me to a nice dinner- you know, at one of those places you have to call ahead for reservations instead of an Applebee's or something. Anyway, since it was a special occasion (my husband is far from the romantic type), I allowed myself to indulge a bit. I finished half my meal and even got dessert (and had about 1/3 of that too). But when I got home, rather than sit on my butt and complain about what a loser I am for eating junk, I logged all my calories (yes, I went over for the first time...sniff!) and then did 45 minutes of intense cardio.

For the first time ever, I feel like I am in charge of my weight and not the other way around. I feel like I can go over one day and not let it turn me into a puddle. Maybe that isn't a big accomplishment to someone else, but it is to me. And tomorrow, I will go back to being in the right range (although I'll probably kick it up in cardio for a couple more days...just to make sure!)

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