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  Week of 11/19/2009 - Featured Board Post

I Am Not Alone

Thank you to all of you who share your stories. Though I am not usually big on the whole sharing thing, I think you are all so brave for telling your stories. So here is mine!

I got pregnant just after my 23rd Birthday, and within 3 months I gained 20 lbs I soon discovered I had gestational diabetes. By the time I was ready to deliver I had gained 72 lbs. I went from being 5'8" and 140 lbs to 217 lbs. My daughter's father left when I was 5 months pregnant, and I guess once he left I felt who else would want me. Stupid, I know! But it was a feeling that I could not shake no matter how hard I tried!!!

I began eating and found I felt sooo much better with that full feeling, and this continued for years! Then I don't know what happened, but in March of this year I was reading everyone's stories and realized I AM NOT ALONE!!! I was 30 and weighed 187 lbs. So I started logging in and actually following a program and using meal tips and most importantly reading all of your stories. Today I am 153 lbs, with only 13 lbs left to go...I went from a 41 1/4" waist to 31" waist and I owe it to all of you!

Thank you. You will never know how much your stories touched me!

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