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  Week of 10/29/2009 - Featured Board Post

Me? Thin?

As the Beatles sang in the song Come Together "One and one and one is three."

And one x 50 is 50, no matter how long it takes.

I (finally) lost one new pound this week. The first one since June. So that makes...50 pounds. Lost. Banished. On SparkPeople.

Believe it or not reaching the "50 Pounds Lost on SparkPeople" milestone was NOT the best thing that happened to me this week. It isn't even the second best thing. It is the FOURTH best thing that happened this week.

The THIRD best thing is that I found out that running coach Jeff Galloway is coming to Boston. He's doing his running school next weekend in a five hour class. My schedule has been crazy lately, but as it turns out, I'm available. So I'm already signed up and can't WAIT to go! I've been following the Jeff Galloway training method as I've been getting ready for my second half marathon in November. The book is great, but I've been assured that it's nothing like hearing from him directly. The training includes a little gait analysis and coaching. So I'm totally psyched.

The SECOND best thing that happened is that a colleague that I saw this week came up to me at an event and said "you look fit." No one has EVER called me "fit" looking in my whole entire life. I think I was smiling all day.

And the FIRST best thing... just two days later, I was talking with someone I just met this summer. We were standing by a table of food and commenting about how good it all looked and he said "well you certainly manage to stay thin." I laughed and said "no one EVER called me thin in my life." He said "What do you mean? I've always thought of you as thin." I told him that I've lost almost 60 pounds since January of 2008. Then another person (who I also just met this summer) joined in and assured me that yes, she's always thought of me as "tall and thin" -- so I was just stunned. Me? Thin?

I guess this weight loss stuff really does work. People who never knew me before can't imagine that I used to weigh 60 pounds more. Me? Thin?... I still can't imagine that I'm really "thin". But I'm working on it!

Work is still stressful. The garden is badly in need of weeding after a summer of neglect. The house needs to be cleaned. My inbox in full of unanswered mail.
But I am THIN. I am FIT. And SparkPeople is the best! Thank you all!

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