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  Week of 10/22/2009 - Featured Board Post

Wearing Shorts I Haven't Worn In Years

I couldn't believe it. They were folded and put away, but I pulled them out of the drawer. Don't ask me why I pulled them out; I would have never thought they would fit. But they did. And they didn't just barely fit. They fit perfectly, as if I had just gone to the store to buy them.

I actually teared up, and the feeling was incredible. It's three sizes smaller than where I was almost three months ago. So I decided to explore more drawers in search of a top to go with the shorts. I found one -- a white and very dainty top that I also haven't worn in years.

So down the stairs I came and there at the bottom were my kids and husband with their mouths open. IT MADE MY DAY! HECK, IT MIGHT EVEN MAKE THE WHOLE REST OF THE YEAR FOR ME! This is one of those measures of success we all keep reading and hearing about, and it felt ten times better than seeing the number on the scale go down!

I wish these types of moments for you all, my SparkFriends -- those moments where you realize exactly what you have accomplished and feel so proud of yourself that you want to shout out to the world, "Look at me! Look what I've done!"

For sure, this is one day in this journey that I'll always remember!

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