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  Week of 10/8/2009 - Featured Board Post

Stepping Up On My Soapbox

My name is Nina, and I am a Spark-A-Holic! I have been 'clean' for nearly one year. Nearly one year ago, I came across this site while searching the Internet for calorie trackers. I joined, a little skeptical, made a profile, and began to check out other's profiles. I plugged my stats in, and away I went.

I had attempted to shed weight before with different programs, pills etc, and just came to the conclusion that nothing would ever work, and I was deemed to be the 'fat' girl for life. Last year, I got sick of looking at myself in the mirror, and had fears that my hubby would find someone younger, slimmer etc. My self esteem had hit an all time low! I was as low as I could go, and was even diagnosed with depression. I kicked myself in the butt, and thought "What have I got to lose?" (apart from weight.) The first week, after eating clean and doing a little bit of exercise, I lost 3 pounds!

It's been nearly a year, and that year has been one of the best of my life. I have changed....my body has changed....My LIFE HAS CHANGED! I am so happy. Don't get my wrong, I do have down days (Fat days) where nothing I do, or anyone says, makes me feel better, but I guess we all have those. SparkPeople has woken me up to this wonderful new and sparkling world I never knew existed before. I am only a few pounds from goal! WOW! I NEVER thought in a million years, I would have to buy smaller clothes, and throw out clothes!! It baffles me some days, and it makes me giggle when I look at myself in the mirror.

Thank you SPARKPEOPLE! YOU have changed my life...okay I've changed my life, but YOU have been there every step of the way!! 45 pounds down......not many to go!

This is a life change, NOT a diet, and that's what I LOVE about it!!

*Steps down off soap box*

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