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  Week of 11/6/2008 - Featured Board Post

80 lbs gone and 30,000 points!

There are many days I feel like doing nothing...today is one of them. Of course, I have already walked three miles and biked six, ate breakfast, showered and just got home from services. Now I would just like to relax a moment. However, I just received my 30,000 SparkPoints and need to celebrate. With 80 pounds lost, a new wardrobe, and 30,000 SparkPoints, I just feel the need to continue spreading the Spark!!! Maybe I can help someone else on their journey to success.

Without the help of SparkPeople, the encouragement and support I have received from my Spark friends and family, I would probably still be a couch and computer potato; getting unhealthier by the minute. However, I now have my blood sugar under control, been taken off several medications, my cholesterol is way down, I am riding a bicycle (something I haven't done in 45 years) and walking several miles a day. I was told several years ago that I would never walk again. Foolish doctors!!! I have received so many blessings they are too numerous to mention, but I remember each of them...I am counting my Spark family and friends among my blessings...each one is such a treasure to me!!!

Thank you SparkPeople for being here for me as I continue my journey to better health. I am still heading for goal...little setbacks will not stop me. Every positive is a success...one very small step at a time, one meal at a time, one minute, one hour, one day at a time. They all add up!!

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