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  Week of 8/6/2009 - Featured Board Post

What a Great Journey!

Last September I went to the doctor and was devastated when she said I was pre-diabetic. My hubby, who was there with me, held my hand and said it would be ok, but it wasn't ok. I knew then and there that it was time to make a change. My doctor told me I was in the early stages, and that with a change in diet and exercise I could cure it.

As I left her office, I got a call on my cell phone that my Grandmother was diagnosed with leukemia I was hit again in the stomach and rushed to the hospital where she was. I was crying when I got to her room but all she was worrying about is what the doctor said about me. She said, "Marybeth, I want you to make me a promise. I want you to promise me you will lose that weight before something happens to you." I agreed to that promise and 3 weeks later she was gone.

I have honored that promise with the help of my friends on Spark People and my family. I knew it would be a long hard journey, but I also knew I did not want to let my Grandmother down. I joined SP in September, 2008 and have taken control of my life- from exercise to how many calories I am allowed. I started keeping a journal of my food intake and exercise, never going over my calories I was given.

As of today, I have lost 78 pounds. I am proud to say that my pre-diabetes is gone and is in the normal range, along with my high blood pressure. I owe it all to SP and my SP friends who always have a kind word to say to help me to keep going. When I step on my scale, I feel proud because I know my Angel, my sweet Grandmother, is there with me, rooting me on and telling me it is ok.

I still have a ways to travel, but I know I can do it because I believe in myself and what I am capable of doing. I am a stronger and newer person for it. I cannot wait to see the new me waiting to escape. It will happen. I guarantee it.

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