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  Week of 7/9/2009 - Featured Board Post

A Major Sign of Success

The other day, a good friend confided in me that if she could get away with eating McDonald's French fries and chicken nuggets for every meal - with no effect - she would. Every meal. This brought our discussion to "If you could eat any food and it had no effect on your weight or health, what would your indulgence be?"

I thought about it for a long time, and eventually told her I couldn't think of anything. Truthfully, the things coming to mind were avocados, veggie stir fries, or fruit salad. FRUIT SALAD! That's it - that's my one thing.

SUCCESS: I'm not even interested in unhealthy foods any more! It feels so much better to eat well. That's my sign of success.

What would your one food be?

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