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  Week of 6/25/2009 - Featured Blog Post

You Mean I Don't Need a Miracle Pill to Lose Weight?

To think that one day, I woke up and decided that I was going to lose 259 pounds and I am actually doing it without any miracle pill, surgery or pay-by-the-month plan amazes me to this day. I think people should do what works for them but I am also in the camp that believes that determination and willpower are the only things needed to have success in weight loss, No gym membership or miracle pill can do the work for us, we have to do it ourselves. I started out just eating less calories and walking however long I could, eventually buying an exercise bike off of craigslist for $40, and now my main form of exercise is running. I shop smart and eat well. I do not spend thousands of dollars on specialty foods or meal packets, I eat real food prepared by yours truly. In fact, and I have said this before, I spend less now on groceries than I did in my 500 pound days. Relearning how to feed our bodies so that we are fueling our days instead of filling the craving void with junk processed foods, it only takes a little bit of dedication to make sure that we stay on track and after that it becomes habit. Before you know it, you are writing a post on a blog that was not expected to last a week about having lost almost 200 pounds.

Since being cleared by the doc to run, I have had a couple productive weeks where health is concerned. I started running and am back on track with the pounds coming down again. Overall, I feel great and am looking forward to this Friday's weigh in because I think that I have a chance to hit that 200 pounds lost mark. Thanks for following along and here's to Friday's weigh in!

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