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  Week of 4/17/2014 - Featured Blog Post

Something Funny Happened On the Way to My Life

Ever wonder if anyone actually becomes the person that they set out to be? I, for one, did not. I don't think I can recall a time that I thought to myself that by the time I am 44 years old, I am going to be seriously overweight and extremely unhappy with myself. At some point in our lives we just take a detour. I woke up one day and there I was. No idea how I got there.

I have been trying for the better part of my entire 44 years to lose weight. I have been successful at times, but just as successful at putting the weight back on after a while or after I stop doing whatever fad or fly-by-night diet I happen to be trying. It all comes back and it brings friends with it.

I think I have been going about this thing all wrong. I have been waiting to write about my weight loss when I need to be writing about my weight gain. What is it that makes me eat the way I do? How do I feel and when does that feeling end?

I am going to try to put a little perspective on this thing and maybe, just maybe, along the way I will start to notice the changes in my life and that will lead to changes in my eating and that will lead to weight loss.

For now, I'm just going to blog. I might learn something about me, and who knows, I might accidently lose some weight too.

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