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  Week of 4/30/2009 - Featured Board Post

Never Again!

Back in January, one of my resolutions was to cook and eat healthy as a family. I've not fried a single thing and have tried my best to avoid all processed food. As a family we have agreed to never go back to old habits! I joined Sparks 3 weeks ago to try and lose the weight that has crept on over the last 4 years. Three weeks in and I'm over the moon with the results it is making in my life. And then it happened.

Last night my darling husband came home with a Chinese take out! The first "take out" of the new year! "Oh, treat yourself" he says, and stupid me dove straight in head first and ate.....a lot! Twenty minutes later and my stomach was bigger than a hot air balloon. I felt like I'd been drowned in a barrel of fat! YUK!

This morning I woke up and the feeling was still there, so what did I do? Something I've not done for 10 years. I put my running shoes and MP3 on, grabbed a bottle of water and off I went! No, I didn't run, but I walked at a fantastic pace! I covered 2 miles in 35 minutes! I'm really proud of myself today and know that it's motivation from SparkPeople that got me in the right frame of mind this morning! My stomach is still swimming but the guilt is starting to pass now, and if nothing else I've learned one thing from this episode....A little of something does you good, but too much and you'll pay for it later!

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