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  Week of 2/27/2014 - Featured Blog Post

When One Streak Ends, Another Begins

I had put together an impressive step Streak -- 69 days of 7,000 steps or more. The last 8 days of that streak, I put in over 10,000 steps per day.

That Streak came to a halt yesterday. For the first time in over two months, I walked less than 7,000 steps in a day.

One Streak ends.

No excuses.

No blame.

No guilt.

It happened.

A few months ago, I'd have spent a day (or week!) mentally angry with myself, and gotten stuck.

Not this time.

Another streak begins TODAY.

Today, I had reached 7,000 steps before I got to work. Not bad for a Monday morning!

In my "tool box" are all of the things I learned during my last Streak -- how to exercise while I'm away from home, how to slip in a few extra steps during the workday, how many steps it takes to walk a lap of the first floor of my home -- and a new goal! To reach a minimum of 7,000 steps for 70 days, OR MORE! To reach 10,000 steps on as many of those days as possible.

I can't let missing the bullseye yesterday stop me. I want to be healthy, I want to be fit, and I don't have the luxury of not aiming at the target! Good thing I have new walking shoes -- can't wait to wear them out! WOOHOO!

How about you? Start small, but think BIG results!

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