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  Week of 1/30/2014 - Featured Blog Post

Learning From Our Mistakes

Another Sparker made this comment on my blog: "The little humps in the road make for an interesting life and equip us to deal with trouble!"

That is SO TRUE! I also believe the mistakes we make in life (those that we so often feel guilty about and kick ourselves about) are what build our character and make us more loving, understanding and non-judgmental people. And the lesson from THAT is QUIT kicking ourselves - learn the lesson of our mistakes and move forward!

I believe this is especially true on our weight loss journey - WHY are we so much harder on ourselves than on our friends? I believe the more we love and accept ourselves (mistakes, imperfections and all) the easier weight loss is. When you love someone, you treat them with respect and kindness. You VALUE them! And when they make a mistake you help them forgive themselves and get right back on track with life!

This time of the year is fraught with opportunities - opportunities to eat mindfully and opportunities to eat special foods that we know may make the scales go up tomorrow morning. Choosing the second one doesn't make you bad or weak or anything else. The important thing is what you do AFTERWARDS!

If, like me, you have been eating mostly healthy whole foods and have done away with food cravings, be aware that those cravings MAY sneak back the next day. This will be even more likely to happen if you eat off plan foods multiple times/days. If you find you are kicking yourself about your choices, STOP! If you feel the food enjoyment wasn't worth the outcome, resolve to make a different choice the next time. But DO NOT get down on yourself! If weight loss/maintenance was easy we wouldn't be here! It's NOT, but it is SO worth the effort.

A recent Beck quote suggested a different way to approach all those holiday goodies that surround us at this time of the year. Instead of stuffing in four of those delicious homemade cookies how about SAVORING one? Eat it slowly, savoring each bite. Picture this - you are standing in your mother's (aunt's, daughter's, friend's) kitchen and you are talking to her as take a little bite, SAVOR it, and tell her how wonderful it is! Then go on to other topics - TALK to her, find out what she has been up to lately, COMMUNICATE! If she urges another cookie on you (or suggests you take some home) just say "No thank you."

How about practicing some answers now so you will be ready? Because if this hasn't already happened to you it probably WILL happen. And learning how to say no to food that is pushed on us is a necessary learning experience to those of us who LOVE food!!

And if you totally blow it? MOVE on! Remember you LOVE and VALUE yourself!! NOT just when you are perfect - NO ONE is perfect!! You don't expect your sister or your best friend to be perfect do you? If there is a lesson to be learned from the experience, learn it then move on! And pat yourself on the back for not letting one day destroy your resolve to be healthy and fit!

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