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  Week of 1/16/2014 - Featured Blog Post

Dear Self....

Dear Self,

Here is the deal: You screwed up.

You let a little emotional turmoil to cause you to question the value of what you do here at SparkPeople and then completely and utterly gave up on your own little unique Spark that is yourself. Not long after.... you turned to food to comfort and assuage. You have reaped the dubious rewards.

Augusten Burroughs in "Dry" wrote:

"Think of your head as an unsafe neighborhood; don't go there alone."

And yet you did it, you checked out of SparkPeople and into your muddled and cavernous head. What ensued were days of waking up with "junk belly" when you ate too much too late in the day. Days of wandering around and thinking, "What do I feel like eating?" instead of "What should I eat?" Weeks of thinking walking the dog was actually enough excercise as you nurtured a deep aversion to the gym, because if you are going to screw up, well, you were just going to screw up royally.

And now you are healing and back to Sparking but are still meandering and a little rudderless. Well, as you have advised countless others, pick up the oars and start rowing. Pick a direction and go back to what works for YOU. So here it is, your pep talk, your written definition of your peaceful "abstinence" from food borne misery. You know what to do. What works for you is this:

1. Weigh and measure your food, not yourself. Track every bite and put it into the SparkPeople Nutrition Tracker. Stay within the allotted calorie and nutritional ranges.

2. Bears repeating one more time: Weigh and measure your food, not yourself.

3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water over the course of the day, preferably more and track that.

4. Get in at least 45 minutes of decent fitness every day. Track it. Walking the dogs does not count for the time-being. It has to be OVER and ABOVE that!!

5. Set a period of time you will follow this edict and report back on your progress occasionally.

6. And remember, I love you and don't make this a chore. This is easy. Do this for yourself... because as your dear daughter has so eloquently reminded you - you have Potential....now do something with it. Oh, and keep Spreading the Spark.



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