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  Week of 12/26/2013 - Featured Board Post

This Year, I Am In the Holiday Photo!

We used to send photo cards that showed the entire family since we have moved a lot and have friends and family that don't see us often. For the past 5 years, I managed to convince my husband that we could just send pictures of the kids because "that's who people really want to look at, right?" I was so heavy compared to how I had always been, that I was ashamed to send out a picture of myself.

This year, 81 pounds lighter, we are sending a full family photo. Plus, no matter how I look next year (though I hope it is the same!), I am sending out another complete family picture because those who love me want to see all of us and those who would judge probably didn't like the picture of the kids that I used to send anyway!

I like my present weight and fitness level but now I know that I am worth more than a number on a scale!

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