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  Week of 12/12/2013 - Featured Blog Post

No, Thank You

Took my mom out to lunch today and she wanted something sweet. "Don't you want dessert?" she asked.

"No, thank you." I said.

"I want ice cream. Do they have ice cream?"

I handed her the menu and pointed out the cookie with ice cream and the chocolate cake with ice cream. When the waitress came back, Mom asked me again if I wanted dessert.

"No, thank you. I'm fine."

"Have some ice cream," she said.

"No, thanks. I'm full. But I will have a cup of coffee while you have dessert."

That's what we did. When she got the dessert and asked again if I wanted some, I again said no, thanks.

She enjoyed her dessert. I enjoyed sipping my coffee and realizing I had no desire to even sample it.

I thought about Thanksgiving next week and the desserts that would be there. I can have some if I want. I can just take a taste if I want. I'll play it by ear. One thing I know, I'll be making pumpkin pie for my boys and for a dear friend, and at the same time making a version for me that doesn't have a crust and has less sugar. I always make my pies using evaporated skim milk and egg substitute and no one has ever noticed. The pumpkin custard part is what I like so forgoing the crust is not deprivation. And knowing I have my own version at home will help me not overdo on the desserts at Thanksgiving Dinner.

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