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  Week of 12/5/2013 - Featured Blog Post

One Year, One Girl, 120 Pounds.

I was an obese girl, now Iím not. Itís that simple.

I made a decision in my mind that I wanted a change for the better. I wanted a healthy outlook on life. I wanted to love myself and have the confidence that I knew I deserved. I wanted to be proud. I wanted others to be proud. But most of all I wanted to prove every person that said I couldnít lose weight dead wrong. It started with a modest decision. Thatís all it takes.

A little history about myselfÖI was born large. Iíve always been large. Born 9 pounds 11 ounces, size 16 by the 3rd grade, size 24 by the 6th grade, and 300 pounds by high school. I never knew what a calorie was until I graduated. I seldom exercised. I was in terrible shape.

Yep. That was me. So how did I do it? Diet Pills? Stomach Staples? Wired Jaw? Cabbage Soup? Jenny Craig? None of the above. Although the math for losing weight and becoming a strong and fit individual may seem like a difficult equation, in reality itís just a simple calculation.

Diet + Exercise + Dedication = Success

I found a website called Sparkpeople.com and started there. I spent hours researching and learning about calories, macro and micronutrients, cardio, strength training, and found a virtual support where others like myself where starting, progressing, or succeeding in their weight loss journey.

I revamped my diet and ate clean whole foods while tracking everything I ate everyday. I gave up soda and introduced myself to a little beverage named H20. I began cooking all my meals instead of eating out so much. I cut out fatty meats, sugar, and ice cream. I stopped eating ALL the time and found some new hobbies, like exercise.

I spent the first 3 months on an elliptical in my apartment for 30 minutes a day. It was a great start, but I grew bored and uninterested in stationary equipment. I wanted to do fun exercises that I would read about in my friendsí blogs. Things like Kickboxing, Yoga, and Zumba. My quest for fun exercise landed me at a fitness studio. I was unsure exactly what the classes would entail. I was even more unsure whether I would fit in with what I assumed was a class full of overly fit women who were ready to put me to shame. I was terrified.

To my utter amazement the classes turned out to be exactly what I needed. There were no Fitness Models in Jane Fonda Leotards pouncing around constantly showing me up. Just real people. A variety of all shapes and sizes sweating and breathing heavily for the same reasons as I was. To be healthy and enjoy exercising. To succeed.

So the pounds began to melt off. Literally. For 365 days straight I tracked my food religiously. I exercised 5 days a week. I would do any class. Boot Camp, Kick Boxing, Spin, Yoga, Circuit and WeightsÖBring It. I felt invincible.

I began at over 300 pounds and stand at 168 today. Iíve maintained for nearly 2 years. I still exercise regularly. I have a very good diet as well. Iím not perfect. I splurge on indulgences just like the next person. I can rarely say no to chocolate and peanut butter. But I practice moderation. I believe thatís a prime key to making this a lifestyle change.

So itís that simple. Easy? Absolutely not. But it is simple. The biggest point is that if I can do it anyone can. You just have to make that decision with yourself, stay committed, and enjoy life.

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