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  Week of 4/16/2009 - Featured Board Post

Eating Healthy and Still Satisfied!
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As I was making dinner tonight I suddenly thought "Why would anyone NOT want to eat healthy?"

Since beginning SparkPeople in January I have lost 15 pounds. More importantly, I have found a new passion - cooking! I have always dubbed myself the queen of cans and boxes when it comes to cooking but as I searched for ways to get all my carbs, fats and proteins without going over on calories, I discovered SparkPeople's recipes. As they say, the rest is history! I started cooking healthy, from scratch meals and discovered that I actually liked putting all that time and effort into cooking. My husband is a happy man and even though he definitely does not need to lose weight he has never turned down any of these meals. He did gripe about "ground turkey" at first and whined - "Can't we just have regular food?" So tonight I made the Sloppy Joes with Diet Coke and he accused me of sneaking in a can of the mix - even this is sooo much better.

I guess the point is, why would anyone want to diet when they can eat delicious, healthy meals, not feel deprived at all and have their appetite satisfied? Maybe this is what that previously misunderstood (by me) healthy lifestyle is all about! I love SparkPeople!!!

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